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Lumina Instruments with Innovative Optical Inspection Systems

Lumina Instruments is a global Supplier of Innovative Optical Inspection Systems

for full-surface defect detection, mapping and classification on transparent, translucent and opaque substrates.

We are proud to introduce our new supplier Lumina Instruments for the area DACH, Benelux and North France. Lumina Instruments is a privately held company with its headquarter in San Jose, California.

With Lumina Instruments, we now offer a new dimension in sustainability, energy savings and best results with innovative Optical Inspection Systems. The system, for full-surface defect detection, mapping and classification on transparent, translucent and opaque substrates.


Experience how the Innovative Optival Inspection System works

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Photography of Lumina AT2-EFEM System

Quantum NXT™ (QNXT) Ultra-Pure Water Heater

    Trebor Quantum NXT (QNXT) save water and energy





Based on high end engineering innovation, the Trebor Ultra-Pure Water Heater Quantum NXT (QNXT) provides the required performance with the environment sustainability.


Leading Edge Heating Technology:Trebor Quantum NXT Varied Flow Rate

Patented thin-film on quartz electric resistance heating element provides exceptional temperature response (ultra-efficient heat transfer) and drastically improved reliability, without the necessity of O-ring seals.

Multi-loop PID control with zero crossfire SSRs provide exceptional temperature control.

This proprietary thin-film on quartz has no metal exposure and eliminates contamination risk in the event of element failure. No external air or nitrogen purge is required with the Quantum NXT.


Versatile Control Options:

Multiple communication options are available to meet virtually all unique requirements and protocols. These heaters can be customized to communicate with any wet process tool in the semiconductor industry.


Compact & Convenient:

The modular element allows for very compact system design and can be changed out in less than 15 minutes when required. LCD color touch screen display provides easy user input and diagnostic feedback.


True Eco-Innovation:

The Quantum NXT technology provides both energy and water savings without affecting the demanding requirements of the application.


Ultra Clean Design:

High purity flow path of GE 214 semiconductor grade quartz, PTFE, and PFA with no elastomer O-rings and no NPT threads or dead-legs to create particle traps.


Dual Process Available:

Just one QNXT-D can provide heated DI water for two separate tools, lowering the overall integration cost and saving space, energy and water.


Water Stop Option: Trebor NXT Temperature Response Curve

• Utilizing the Quantum NXT’s Stop-Flow-Technology™, allows near instant heated DI water with next to no waste, allowing to cut off IDLE mode water usage.


Recirculation Option:

Another unique option offered by the Quantum NXT heater is a recirculation loop for the process water line. This option is the perfect combination of immediate “to-the-point” temperature controlled UPW dispense whenever needed and significant water and energy savings.
Trebor Quantum NXT Recirculation




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Repair offer of all TREBOR Pumps in Germany

S3 Alliance® Gmbh is a certified Signature Service Provider (SSP) for Trebor Products, which describes the qualification to repair the pumps. We repair all Trebor Diaphragm Pump Models in our workshop in Germany, next to Stuttgart.
We have not only the facility (wet bench, compressor) and toolsets to pursue this task but also a variety of rebuild kits available for immediate repair out of our stock.

The process steps are as follows:

  • Delivery of a quote for the repair of your Trebor Pump Model (including the rebuild kit that is needed for most repairs)
  • Sending the pump after safe flushing and rinsing together with the Trebor Return Data Sheet
  • Inspection and test run of the pump by S3 to confirm the failure mechanism
  • Disassemble of the pump and evaluation of the defect parts
  • Pre-report sent to the customer to confirm the level of repair chosen
  • Repair after agreement with the customer
  • Test with DI Water and CDA for compliance to the specification
  • Final report and shipping to the customer

TREBOR | Pump repair service

TREBOR | S3 Alliance (


S3 Alliance® GmbH and EmCrafts Co. Ltd. agree on distribution partnership

EmCrafts Co. Ltd. and S3 Alliance® GmbH recently signed a distribution agreement.

EmCrafts offers the most compact Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) with all options to an affordable price and an easy-to-use operation software.

We’re looking forward to show you our demo SEM and convince you at our German facility close to Stuttgart.

EMCrafts | S3 Alliance (

Overhaul of a 300 mm Yaskawa robot by CEK

S3 Alliance® Supplier CEK has recently overhauled a 300 mm Yaskawa robot coming from a semiconductor player in Germany. The equipment engineer stated: “The process went very smoothly and professionally. Compared to the OEM, we were able to save both costs and time without having to accept any loss of quality. Therefore we are planning to use the S3 Alliance® service for our Yaskawa and Kawasaki robots again in the future.”

CEK Technology | S3 Alliance (

S3 Alliance GmbH participate with SONOTEC to UCPSS 2021, April 12th-15th, VIRTUAL

VISIT our VIRTUAL booth During UCPSS 2021, from April 12th to April 15th

We will take part in the upcoming edition of the “Symposium on Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces”. Together with our supplier SONOTEC,  supplier of ultrasonic sensor technology in the field of non-contact liquid flow measurement and air bubble detection, we present our portfolio for the semiconductor industry at the UCPSS symposium focussing on surface cleaning and preparation for micro and nano-technology for electronic applications and related fields.

Meet us at the conference and visit Thomas Riedel from S3 Alliance and Anika Baumhauer from SONOTEC at our joint virtual presence.

Our portfolio of products for wet processes is available under the link after:  Flyer Wet products UCPSS




SONOTEC® and S3 Alliance® agree on distribution partnership

With a non-contact handshake, the two managing directors Michael Münch and Thomas Riedel have sealed the partnership between SONOTEC GmbH from Halle (Saale) and S3 Alliance GmbH from Kirchentellinsfurt. The application specialist for process equipment, metrology, and handling is from now on taking over the Europe-wide sales and service for flow measurement technologies and air bubble detectors of SONOTEC® in the semiconductor and micro-electronics industry.

SONOTEC® holds a world leading position in ultrasonic-based technologies for liquid flow monitoring on flexible and rigid tube systems. Non-contact flow meters and bubble detectors can monitor and control liquid flow processes without any risk of leakage or contamination and without causing any downtime of machinery. Therefore, SONOTEC’s contactless measurement technology has proven ideal for sensitive semiconductor processes in which a number of abrasive, adhesive, corrosive, and high-purity liquids are applied.

S3 Alliance is a market driven organization with more than 20 years of experience in the field of distribution, service, and project management bringing manufacturers of highly specialized capital goods and consumables into Semiconductor, Green Energy, Life Sciences and related market segments.

“The cooperation brings together the strengths of two companies that are perfectly complementing each other. This opens up the opportunity to significantly yield market synergies for a successful operation in the European semiconductor industry”, emphasizes Michael Münch his expectations towards the agreement.

“We are very happy to collaborate with a German high-tech sensor company that is already successful in other industries. SONOTEC® products fit perfectly into the S3 Alliance portfolio that has strengths in CMP and wet chemical processing applications. Using accurate contactless technology enables easy and safe integration, with the possibility to control more accurately demanding semiconductor applications, which is required by the market. We will support SONOTEC® with access to an existing customer base in the industry and are looking forward to develop a strong and successful relationship for the future.”, describes Thomas Riedel the framework and cooperation goals.

With its product development specifically targeted to the semiconductor industry, SONOTEC® benefits substantially from decades of experience in designing non-contact ultrasonic flow sensors for highly sensitive applications in biopharma as well as for medical devices with strict safety regulations.

“Thus, certain sensor performance features such as high accuracy real-time instantaneous flow measurement of up to 400 L/min, the implementation of a volume-totalizer, a broad range of standard industrial interfaces, and the expertise in handling a wide range of tubing properties and geometries could be successfully adopted to the needs of semiconductor applications”, adds Anika Baumhauer, Strategy & Sales Manager for the semiconductor industry.

Image © SONOTEC GmbH

RENA Technologies North America LLC (RENA NA) is the new name of former MEI Wet Process Systems & Services LLC

RENA Technologies North America LLC (RENA NA) is the new name of former MEI Wet Process Systems & Services LLC, the US wet-chemical specialist for semiconductor equipment headquartered in Albany, Oregon. RENA NA now becomes a visible member of the RENA Group.

This acquisition is part of RENA’s strategy to further diversify the product and service portfolio as a global provider of wet-chemical equipment for surface processing. With RENA NA the company has now much better access to the US market for the whole product range. RENA can now offer outstanding machine and process solutions for wet-chemical processing as MEI adds a complementary product portfolio while both companies have regional strengths that together form a global player in the international semiconductor market.

RENA’s main markets are Europe and Asia while RENA NA is an established market leader within the US high-tech semiconductor sector. Our synergistic Sales, Service and Process Technology Teams have already joined forces to support our global customer base. Together RENA now covers all wet-chemical process steps of semiconductor processing. From best-in-class prime wafer processing to state-of-the-art MEMS, SiC and semiconductor processing including Plating technology, Batch Immersion, Batch Spray, and Single-wafer applications. RENA NA’s new INCEPTION single-wafer processing shows the rapid progress in widening our product platform.

“RENA NA is the perfect partner to complete our SEMI product portfolio – as expected!” said Peter Schneidewind, CEO of RENA, “the long list of integration items are already complete just six months after closing. That is a clear signal of a great partnership between all working levels.

“The first phase of integration is now complete and we are very excited about our future. Joining RENA takes us to the next level where we can offer our customers an improved portfolio plus best in class, global support.” added Ed Jean, CEO of RENA NA.

“Even under these challenging conditions both RENA and RENA NA are on track to reach our order book plan for first half year, which shows the joint focus on customer needs.” Peter Schneidewind summarized.

Foamtec Face Masks for Cleanroom

Foamtec’s cleanroom foam face masks are widely employed as under masks in cleanrooms that use headcovers with built-in face masks.

Foamtec’s Foam face masks are not impacted by recently implemented export or import restrictions, so are a more readily obtained mask for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace and medical device cleanrooms.

Most importantly, the use of Foamtec’s foam face masks does not take supply away from hospitals and medical clinics treating the Corona Virus.

While foam face masks do not have filtration capabilities against viable particulates, the table below demonstrates the low particle counts vs. three-ply non-woven masks. As an added benefit, foam face masks significantly reduce the fogging of safety glasses, primarily when employed as under mask.


≥ 0.5 um and above


Trial HT4401 3 Ply Mask
1 90 1,567
2 186 1,550
3 168 1,504
Average 148 1,540
Specification < 800 N/A

Caption: The table above highlights the particle release characteristics of Foamtec’s foam face masks vs. 3 Ply Non-woven masks.

Custom Made 8” PEEK Cassette

At the end of 2nd quarter 2019 S3 Alliance supplied a batch of new custom made 8” PEEK Cassette to one of the biggest IC manufacturers in Russia, Mikron. Cassette was produced under the trade mark CKPlas by our Taiwanese partner – Chung King Enterprise Co. Ltd., located in Taoyuan city. Chung King Enterprise is specialized in wide variety of semiconductor wafer and reticle box from various polymeric materials. Cassette has unique design based on the customer requirements. New, improved raw material (PEEK) has been used for manufacturing of this type of cassette.

S3 Alliance installed and grounded a Wafer Transfer Unit from Mactronix

Last year S3 Alliance installed and grounded a Wafer Transfer Unit from Mactronix to a Manufacturer of electronic devices in Germany.  The Maintenance Engineer said: 

“Our PVA-TePla Wafer Transfer Units from Mactronix showed increased static load during transfer of ~3KV as measured. The solution offered by Mactronix was to replace the original Ultem combs with new, ESD-compatible PEEK ones. After installing and grounding them (S3-Alliance service available), the measured static load was reduced to <50V!

This solution is simple and very efficient and because the new comb’s pricing is similar to the original combs, also the most price-worthy option to get rid of ESD problems with batch transfer systems in general.”


New distribution agreement with Dynatex International, California, USA

S3 Alliance signed a new agreement with Dynatex International, Santa Rosa, California, USA.

Dynatex International has been a leading supplier to the Semiconductor Industry since 1958. They are committed to excellence in service and innovation in design and engineering. With over five decades of industry leadership, Dynatex International offers a strong base of technical accomplishment and business expertise to assist you with your specific product requirements.

Dynatex International provide solutions for die/diode dicing and wafer processing applications and solutions designed to increase yields, maximize throughput, and minimize operator intervention.

With over five decades of experience, Dynatex offers a strong base of technical accomplishment and business expertise to assist you with your specific product requirements. Dynatex provides a complete line of die-singulation products for dry dicingsaw dicingwafer bonding, and wafer expanding processes. Dynatex products are designed with the end-user in mind with a focus on robustness and performance.



S3 Alliance, Jabil Chad and Mei Wet Processing had a common booth on Semicon Europe 2019 in Munich.

S3 Alliance, Jabil Chad and Mei Wet Processing had a common booth on Semicon Europe 2019 in Munich. 

Together we had a 60qsm booth in hall B1, booth 1013.  Our two partners and we look back on successful and constructive days at the show in Munich.

Jabil Chad Automation began as Chad Industries, Inc.  Founded in 1973 as a full-service engineering and manufacturing operation, for over 40 years we have designed and produced highly-productive and reliable automation systems that have given our customers the competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Serving Global Semiconductor, MEMS, LED, III-V Compound, and Medical Industries, MEI’s wet processing systems, wet bench platforms and chemical delivery systems provide you with reliable, high-quality solutions for almost every batch immersion or spray wet process application.