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Equipment & Products for R&D

As a European distributor with a focus on the semiconductor industry, but also in the field of green energies and life sciences, the S3 Alliance offers exclusive sales and support for various manufacturers from the USA and Asia.

Our special offer for research and development is detailed in following topics:

• Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) (compact and innovative)
• Compact Diffusion Ovens (compact and energy efficient)
• CO2 Critical Point Dryer (MEMS and Material Drying)
• Tabletop Coater
• Spin Rinse Dryer (SRD)
• Chemicals and Gas Heater (Accurate and very compact)

Measurement & Handling:
• Table-scanning Electron Microscope
• Handling Tools

Consumables & Services:
• Pump Repair
• Cleanroom Wipes

For further information contact us! You can reach us under the service number +49 7121/16 777-0, by e-mail: [email protected] or directly: 

[email protected] and [email protected] alliance.com.

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New distribution agreement with CN1 Co., Ltd., South Korea

S3 Alliance signed a new agreement with  CN1 Co., Ltd, South Korea.

CN1 has become the leading supplier of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment through aggressive investments in R&D.

The equipment designs and process technologies have been thoroughly proven and perfected over a decade of intensive development.
As a result, high-tech organizations working in the semiconductor, display, bio-tech and advanced energy industries now prefer CN1 ALD systems to meet their most demanding nanotechnology applications and production needs.
The proof is that CN1’s ALD equipment is now in use at hundreds of leading Universities, Research Institutes and Companies in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Russia, China and Korea.


S3 Alliance delivered and installed a Tousimis CPD Dryer at Czech Republic

S3 Alliance sucessfully delivered and installed a CPD Dryer a Tousimis Autosamdri-815B Series at CEITEC BUT in Brno, in Czech Republic in May 2019.

Mr. Jiri Zita, Head of Nanofabrication Laboratory wrote:  “We are very happy about the performance of the Tousimis CPD Dryer, offering a reliable, efficient and cost attractive solution for drying our MEMS devices,…“ With the delivery of this tool, S3 Alliance has successfully expanded its business activities in the Czech Republic.

More informations under: https://www.ceitec.eu/ or http://nano.ceitec.cz/



S3 Alliance & Labino had a common booth on Control 2019 in Stuttgart

S3 Alliance & Labino had a common booth on Control 2019 in Stuttgart.

Labino of Sweden is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of UV and White Light products as well as Alternative Light Sources. Labino presented UV Lamps and NDT Kits especially for cleanroom application.

Labino AB has chosen to stay away from chemicals and similar products and dedicate all its resources and focus into innovating better and better lights. Labino runs several product lines such as bench lights, handheld lights, torches, headlights, yoke lights etc with constant improvements and new innovative features being an integral part of the Labino culture. Labino AB is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


New distribution agreement with Dong AH Trade Corp., South Korea

S3 Alliance signed a new agreement with Dong AH Trade Corp. develop manufactures, imports and exports the research equipment development for semiconductor, new materials, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology.

Established in 1991, they habe been manufacturing research equipments with related semiconductors for Nanotechnology Biotechnology. They have a business with Samsung, LG and various enterprises research institures, government with related laboratories, and all university’s laboratories in South Korea.

Additionally they export the above research equipments to overseas in the world, we are based on the manufacturing industry that imports semiconductor with related research equipments with know-how in the meantime. Dong AH Trade Corp. is established on accumulated technology and various experiences, and they are constantly working to provide more qualified service, more competitive prices, and  rapid service that is more responsible for the products.

Dong AH Trade Corp. is trying to develop High-precision spin coater (ACE Series, TOP Series) which is highly developed than existing products, the following development of ACE-200 (Up to  6 inches), they have also developed the TOP-8 (Up to 8 inches). High-precision middle size spin coater which is the most popular since the spin coater industry in South Korea.

With 30 plus years in business, Mactronix continues to grow in all aspects of equipment for Solar Cell and Semiconductor industries.  Please contact us for any request with Dong AH Trade Corp.


New Product Announcement – Jabil CP150 Automation Platform

A Flexible, High-Precision Automation Solution

The CP150 automation platform delivers future-proof flexibility to any production line by delivering a highly-modular, scalable system that addresses a variety of automation needs.

Key Features

  • Platforms can be configured in any orientation ensuring optimal support of interrelated processes, production speeds, and quality levels

  • Modular Z-axis and Theta axis (optional) available

  • Multiple Vision location options (up-camera or down-camera)

  • Standardized mounting flanges and control interfaces
  • Quick-change feeder mounting available

  • OSHA and ANSI compliant

Key Benefits

  • High-Flexibility. The CP Series allows for a variety of configurations that can support any number of interrelated processes, production speeds, and quality levels. Configure pallet or edge-belt conveyors with a either a reversible left-to-right or right-to-left conveyor flow to optimize your manufacturing processes.

  • Multiple Levels of Automation. The platform supports a wide range of processes, ranging from semi-automatic to fully-automated modes, to help support your manufacturing objectives.

  • Redeployable. Future proof your investment by re-deploying the CP Series workcell for various applications. Common interfaces enables rapid change-over of applications; saving you time and money.

S3 Alliance and MEI sucessfully delivered and installed a MEI Vapor Dryer

S3 Alliance and MEI sucessfully delivered and installed a MEI Vapor Dryer last year. With this tool, the swiss microfluidics manufacturer will be able to better dry their complex topology.

MEI’s wet processing systems, wet bench platforms and chemical delivery systems provide you with  reliable, high-quality solutions for almost every batch immersion or spray wet process application. Field-proven with high performance, MEI’s wet bench is custom tailored to your meet all  processes requirements.  All MEI systems feature IDX Flexware Process Control software allowing you complete control, monitoring, and data acquisition of your entire application process.

With  the many advanced features, available options  and  award-winning support MEI’s wet bench is your Wet Processing solution for all your applications.   Depending on the platform MEI offers optional megasonic and ultrasonic process tanks, conductivity and resistivity monitoring, multi-axis robots, a variety of materials choices, exhaust flow modeling, ergonomics and safety features.

We specialize in fully-automated wet processing solutions, providing Dry In /Dry Out processes with some of the smallest footprints available in the industry. Through our innovative technology, superior design, quality craftsmanship, and award-winning technical support MEI offers a commitment to their customer like no other manufacture in the industry.



New Product Announcement – Trebor T-Series 25

Trebor is excited to officially release the first pump from the new T-Series line of pumps. The double diaphragm pumps are ideal for aggressive, high-purity chemical pumping. This pump features a patented controller that allows the pump to be interchangeable between the Distribution, External, and Cross-Phase pump control styles.


Chemical and Water Heaters, Purity Chem Pump

Product Description:

Trebor’s T-Series air-operated, double diaphragm chemical pumps are ideal for aggressive, high purity chemical pumping. The T-Series pumps combine the best of Trebor’s existing pump technology and introduce new innovative design. The ultra-pure T-Series pumps feature a patent pending
non-centering magnetic shuttle system, differentiated check assemblies, and a replaceable shaft bushing. Each pump was designed to be used with the new External Modular Controller that allows the pumps to be interchangeable between control styles. These innovations maximize ease of use, reduce maintenance costs, and increase pump longevity.


T25D For Distribution Control
  • T25E For User Defined
  • T25X For Cross-Phase
  • 1/2″ Pipe Stub
  • 3/8″ Flare
  • 1/2″ Flare
  • 3/4″ Flare
  • 1/2″ NPT
  • 1/2″ Pillar
  • SS40

S3 Alliance signed a new agreement with Expertech

S3 Alliance signed a distribution agreement with EXPERTECH Semiconductor Technology, Inc.
from California, USA. Established in 1992, Expertech’s core competency is newly manufactured thermal processing systems with over 50 systems in the field that were designed and fully manufactured by Expertech.

Established in 1992, Expertech’s core competency is newly manufactured thermal processing systems with over 50 systems in the field that were designed and fully manufactured by Expertech. In addition, Expertech has an established reputation as a supplier of over 500 remanufactured and refurbished systems originally built by other suppliers. We provide field service, repair parts and upgrades for a wide range of thermal systems manufactured by Expertech and other OEM suppliers.

Originally Expertech mainly supported thermal process applications for the semiconductor industry. Since 1995, Expertech has been adapting systems and making custom designed products to meet needs of the MEMS, photovoltaics, sensors, and optical coatings industries.

Horizontal and Vertical Style Furnace Products

While design and manufacture of horizontal furnace systems have always been a major Expertech product line, the VTR is a key product in the vertical furnace marketplace. Originally developed by Silicon Valley Group, Inc. (SVG), the Vertical Thermal Reactor (VTR) has over 1500 systems shipped to a worldwide installed base. Since 1995 Expertech has provided rebuilt VTR systems, upgrades in the field, as well as parts and service support for VTR systems. More recently, in 2007, Expertech acquired the full rights to all engineering drawings as well as rights to manufacture, modify, and support the VTR product worldwide. From that point forward, we regard the VTR as an Expertech product.

Location and Facilities

  • Located in Northern California’s Silicon Valley, Scotts Valley is between San Jose and Santa Cruz
  • A manufacturing, engineering and office facility with over 40,000 square feet of space
  • Includes an 1,800 square foot cleanroom for gas system manufacturing
  • Over 65,000 square feet of off-site inventory storage space
  • Parts depots located in North America, Europe, and Asia

The Expertech Team

Located at the Expertech factory, they have system engineering, production planning and logistics, assembly and test, marketing, spare parts logistics, field service management, sales management and the business infrastructure to support those functions.

Expertech’s worldwide sales organization covers all of North America, Europe and Asian technology regions. The field service team, technical support, and parts depots are located in key sites in North America, Europe, and Asia.