SONOCHECK® Air Bubble Detector

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Product Type:

Metrology & Handling


Bubble Detection, Contactless Liquid Flow Measurement

Product Description:

Air bubble detection in industrial applications is highly relevant when talking about process stability and product quality. The SONOCHECK® ABD06 air bubble sensors are widely used such as in filling, pipetting, dosing and mixing systems, painting facilities, in dispensing fats and oils and in gluing processes.


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  • Non-invasive measurement method directly through the tubing wall
  • Suitable for hygienically critical applications | contamination resistance
  • Fitting for a wide range of plastic tubing types, e.g. PVC, PE, silicone, PUR (no limitations due to the use of opaque tubings)
  • Applicable for water, water-like and low-viscosity liquids without / with few solid particles
  • To be used without special acoustic coupling precautions
  • Sensor adaptation to dynamically changing acoustic conditions
  • Optionally available with ATEX certification for use in hazardous areas

In addition to standard fluid monitoring processes used to detect bubbles as small as 1 μl, the SONOCHECK® ABD06 can also be utilized as a full/empty detector.

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  • Pipette and Filling Systems
  • Mixing, Dispensing and Metering Systems
  • Slurry control
  • Photo resist
  • Chemical distribution
  • Chemical at POU

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