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S3 Alliance provides the network, and product portfolio that brings leading edge solutions to our customers. Our supply and service solutions are tailored to meet our customers ever changing requirements, enabling them to be competitive in what is now a truly global marketplace. For the semiconductor/MEMS market we source and offer quality products at the right price.

Within this market we offer solutions in the following areas:
Process Equipment, Metrology and Handling, Parts & Consumables, Services

green energy products


S3 Alliance also offer solutions in the Green Energy sector with a broad portfolio of innovative equipment, service and consumables for the fabrication of, solar photovoltaic cells, flexible electronics, energy efficient glass and fuel cells etc.

At S3 Alliance we apply our partners nanomanufacturing knowledge and solutions to improve the way people live.

Within this market we offer solutions in the following areas:
Process Equipment, Metrology and Handling, Parts & Consumables

Life sciences products

Life sciences supplies LIFE SCIENCES

S3 Alliance is a European leader serving high growth specialized markets. We are best known for our expertise in highly engineered manufacturing systems and consumables within Semiconductor, but there is an increasing crossover to applications within Life Sciences and MedTech manufacturing. As a result many of our products touch lives every day. Our supplier network offers specialty processing equipment and materials expertise enables the development of innovative medical devices and biocompatible, implantable devices that are critical to current developments in patient care.


S3 Alliance is a market driven organization with more than 15 years of experience in the semiconductor, solar, life sciences and related market segments. Our vision is to ‘Achieve Excellence in Distribution’.

New Products

Tabletop SEM

Desktop scanning electron microscope at an attractive price

  • Compact & light
  • High-Res. (*200k@30kV)
  • 100% motorized stage & 4CH BSE as a basic model
  • Fast and Easy Operations (ready in 90s)
  • No gun alignment required
  • Integrated EDS from every maker (option)
  • Very attractive Price

Arrange a demonstration today in our German branch in Kirchentellinsfurt!

Cube 2 Tabletop SEM

Cube 2 Tabletop SEM


MiraSAT, Isopropanol pre-saturated microfiber cloths

to deal with the severe supply shortage of disinfectants and to support the increased disinfection and cleaning needs.

MiraSAT® IPA 70/30

Hand wiping MiraSat IPA70/30 from Foamtec


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