CEK Technology, formerly Vesta Technology that was International Business Subsidiary of IPS, started as the semiconductor equipments and parts representative in Austin, TX of US from June, 2008. CEK had accessed to all major semiconductor manufacturers worldwide through Sematech & SVTC consortia and relationships for 2008. All staffs having over 20 years semiconductor experience on average including sales, process and equipment engineering for APCVD, PECVD, ALD, RTP, and Diffusion application are fully equipped to handle the challenging requirements facing end users throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

CEK Technology, Inc had offered semiconductor processing capability including atomic layer deposition equipment, chemical vapor deposition equipment,  multi-pole inductive coupled plasma etch equipment, and rapid thermal anneal equipment at SVTC Fab2 in Austin, TX. This allowed CEK to provide process demonstration solutions to major semiconductor manufacturing companies. The company is a manufacturer’s representative in US for semiconductor manufacturing components in many fields that help customers save costs without compromising the quality of materials with well experienced partners provides used tool refurbish and regeneration solution from CVD tool through photolithography tool, or can supply turn-key solution by customer request.

CEK Technology provides the both advanced and cost saving parts across a broad range of industries including semiconductor, solar cell, or oil & gas generation industries.


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