Critical Point Dryer Autosamdri®-931 installed at Technical University

Logo Tousimis

The Autosamdri®-931, the 5th generation automatic Critical Point Dryer (CPD) from Tousimis’ Autosamdri® range, has recently been installed at one of Germany’s most prestigious research universities. A technical university with a clear mission to advance science and technology for the benefit of society. Progress and success can only be achieved with the highest quality equipment.… Read more »

Increase Manufacturing Quality with Reliable Flow Measurement

Logo of SONOTEC GmbH. Sonotec is a leading specialist in ultrasonic measurement technology solutions

Implementing Flow Meters Significantly Improves Fab Process Quality Reproducibility and maintaining strict quality control throughout the entire wafer manufacturing process are top priorities in the semiconductor industry. Thus, stable and highly accurate flow measurement is essential for many semiconductor manufacturing steps. Non-contact clamp-on flow meters such as SEMIFLOW CO.65 have proven to fulfill this demanding… Read more »

Collaboration with Rhosonics

Rhosonics logo

Rhosonics ultrasonic technology for measuring any chemical or solid in production processes. We are proud, to announce the news of our collaboration with Rhosonics. A company, based in the Netherlands, in Putten, that has been developing sustainable ultrasonic measuring instruments for process optimization for over 30 years. Rhosonics design, produce, and supply state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensors… Read more »

Heat-Resistant Dicing Tape of NDS

Logo NDS Totally Dicing, provide a full range of dicing products including dicing saws, dicing blades, dicing tapes, chuck tables and other dicing accessories.

NDS most popular product is the Heat-Resistant Dicing Tape. It is an UV curable type, and even if it is heated up 150 °C in your process for 1 hour, it can easily be peeled from the work after UV irradiation, and there is little generating of an adhesive residue. The Heat-Resistant Tape “HUV-7000 Series”… Read more »

RENA Electroplating Tool EPM 2

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Electroplating Tool EPM 2 for Si, GaAs, SiC, Glass and more Development of new technologies often requires a fast time to market. Therefore process set-up times and flexibility matter as much as perfect quality and meeting customer requirements. With the development of the EPM 2, the RENA manual wet bench for plating applications like UBM,… Read more »

Wafer Ashing System from ESI at EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Logo of ESI, the industry leader in remanufactured Gasonics L3510 Asher equipment.

Installation of an e3511 Wafer Ashing System at EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Last year, S3 Alliance installed an e3511 Wafer Ashing System from ESI at EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. One of Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan science and technology institutions. The tool was installed inside the Center of MicroNanoTechnology (CMi), a… Read more »

Lumina Instruments with Innovative Optical Inspection Systems

Logo of Lumina Instruments with Innovative Optical Inspection Systems

Lumina Instruments is a global Supplier of Innovative Optical Inspection Systems for full-surface defect detection, mapping and classification on transparent, translucent and opaque substrates. We are proud to introduce our new supplier Lumina Instruments for the area DACH, Benelux and North France. Lumina Instruments is a privately held company with its headquarter in San Jose,… Read more »

Quantum NXT™ (QNXT) Ultra-Pure Water Heater

Trebor Quantum NXT (QNXT) save water and energy

    Innovation. Efficiency. Reliability. Sustainability. Based on high end engineering innovation, the Trebor Ultra-Pure Water Heater Quantum NXT (QNXT) provides the required performance with the environment sustainability.   Leading Edge Heating Technology: Patented thin-film on quartz electric resistance heating element provides exceptional temperature response (ultra-efficient heat transfer) and drastically improved reliability, without the necessity… Read more »

Repair offer of all TREBOR Pumps in Germany

Trebor Pure Innovation Logo

S3 Alliance® Gmbh is a certified Signature Service Provider (SSP) for Trebor Products, which describes the qualification to repair the pumps. We repair all Trebor Diaphragm Pump Models in our workshop in Germany, next to Stuttgart. We have not only the facility (wet bench, compressor) and toolsets to pursue this task but also a variety… Read more »

Overhaul of a 300 mm Yaskawa robot by CEK

CEK Technology logo

S3 Alliance® Supplier CEK has recently overhauled a 300 mm Yaskawa robot coming from a semiconductor player in Germany. The equipment engineer stated: “The process went very smoothly and professionally. Compared to the OEM, we were able to save both costs and time without having to accept any loss of quality. Therefore we are planning… Read more »

Foamtec Face Masks for Cleanroom

Foamtec Face Masks for Cleanroom

Foamtec’s cleanroom foam face masks are widely employed as under masks in cleanrooms that use headcovers with built-in face masks. Foamtec’s Foam face masks are not impacted by recently implemented export or import restrictions, so are a more readily obtained mask for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace and medical device cleanrooms. Most importantly, the use of Foamtec’s… Read more »

Custom Made 8” PEEK Cassette

At the end of 2nd quarter 2019 S3 Alliance supplied a batch of new custom made 8” PEEK Cassette to one of the biggest IC manufacturers in Russia, Mikron. Cassette was produced under the trade mark CKPlas by our Taiwanese partner – Chung King Enterprise Co. Ltd., located in Taoyuan city. Chung King Enterprise is… Read more »

S3 Alliance installed and grounded a Wafer Transfer Unit from Mactronix

Automation OEM PVA-TePla

Last year S3 Alliance installed and grounded a Wafer Transfer Unit from Mactronix to a Manufacturer of electronic devices in Germany.  The Maintenance Engineer said:  “Our PVA-TePla Wafer Transfer Units from Mactronix showed increased static load during transfer of ~3KV as measured. The solution offered by Mactronix was to replace the original Ultem combs with… Read more »