Serving Global Semiconductor, MEMS, LED, III-V Compound, and Medical Industries

RENA’s wet processing systems, wet bench platforms and chemical delivery systems provide you with  reliable, high-quality solutions for almost every batch immersion or spray wet process application. Field-proven with high performance, RENA’s wet bench is custom tailored to your meet all  processes requirements.  All RENA systems feature IDX Flexware Process Control software allowing you complete control, monitoring, and data acquisition of your entire application process.

With  the many advanced features, available options  and  award-winning support RENA’s wet bench is your Wet Processing solution for all your applications.   Depending on the platform RENA offers optional megasonic and ultrasonic process tanks, conductivity and resistivity monitoring, multi-axis robots, a variety of materials choices, exhaust flow modeling, ergonomics and safety features.

We specialize in fully-automated wet processing solutions, providing Dry In /Dry Out processes with some of the smallest footprints available in the industry. Through our innovative technology, superior design, quality craftsmanship, and award-winning technical support RENA offers a commitment to their customer like no other manufacture in the industry.

A Wet Bench that’s Built on Commitment


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