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Installation of an e3511 Wafer Ashing System at EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Gasonics e3511 Asher plasma Photoresist stripper. Wafer Ashing System.

Last year, S3 Alliance installed an e3511 Wafer Ashing System from ESI at EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. One of Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan science and technology institutions.

The tool was installed inside the Center of MicroNanoTechnology (CMi), a complex of cleanrooms and processing equipment for the training and scientific experimentation devoted to the users of microtechnology.

Mr. Pernollet, process engineer at CMi, stated:
“S3 Alliance installed this tool as complementary to our regular barrel type ashers. Hardware of the e3511 offers us higher rate of resist removal and improved uniformity across wafers which is a real plus for descum processes. The quick and easy handling allows for fast training of our users and the tool proves to be versatile and robust which is a must-have characteristic for our users-based platform!”


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