Axus Technology is a global OEM company based in Chandler, Arizona, bringing the latest surface processing solutions to emerging technology industries such as Semiconductor, MEMS, Automotive, Defense and Aerospace, Lifesciences, and IoT. We provide advanced CMP tools and technology, along with exceptional technical expertise for polishing, wafer cleaning, precision wafer grind processing, and legacy tools; making us one of the best highly specialized technology suppliers and consulting services focused on engineering capability and efficiency in supporting the CMP market.

We offer our clients the ultimate all-around customer service experience through three branches of support: equipment (new, remanufactured, refurbished), process development & foundry services, as well as parts & services. Our operations include a dynamic production floor for new advance CMP tools and remanufactured legacy processing tools, a fully equipped class 100 foundry cleanroom for development and foundry processing, and a worldwide parts & services department for existing equipment including over 6000-line items of CMP and grinder parts.


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