Gasonics e3511 Plasma Asher

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Details of this plasma photoresist stripper:

  • True downstream mw plasma process uses a heated platen with temp up to 300° for extreme low damage
  • Photoresist removal or light etch
    Process assisted with 1KW heat lamp for better uniformity/ash rate. Solid State lamp controller eliminates calibration requirement


  • Power supply system with DC-DC power supplies for cleaner power
  • Wafer cooling station with touch wafer sensor, works with substrates, glass etc.
  • Plasma Photoresist stripper has an advanced Hine Hatm-5 pick and place robot
  • Muegge Gerling 1.2kw microwave generator
  • Mititoyo 3 stub mw tuning
    6 pole mw applicator
  • Automatic photoemission end-point detection

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Gas Flows                                   O2=1000 –4000 sccm
N2/H2 = 100-1000 sccm
N2 –100 –500 scc
Pressure                                      0.5-> 5.0 torr
Platen Temperature                 100°–300°C
μ-wave Power                            0-1200 watt at 2.45 GHz
Lamp Utilization                       0-100% (1000 watts)
Throughput                               1.2 μmblanket soft-baked resist ashed to end point
except for deccums≤ 300Å
Descum/S.T.                                             45 -60 WPH
Baked Photoresist                                   45 -60 WPH
Implanted & Damaged Photoresist     25 -55 WPH

Uniformity                                Sigma, ashed to 50% of ≥ 1.2 μm
With in Wafer       2% -5%
Wafer to Wafer    2% -4%
Ash Rate                                    < 200Å -≥3.5. μm./min.
System Matching                    2% -5% (I sigma)
Mobile Ion Concentration     IEI0/cm2 –IEII/cm2
CV Shift                                    ≤0.1 volt
Particle                                     <0.02/cm2, size of 0.2 μm

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