Quantum NXT™ Ultra-Pure Water Heater

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The Quantum NXT™ is Trebor’s next generation of deionized (DI) water heaters. Featuring Trebor’s patented thin-film on quartz electric resistive technology, the Quantum NXT™ improves on Trebor’s already unmatched response time, temperature accuracy, and unprecedented reliability. This new version of Trebor’s existing Quantum Series offers better technology and control than its predecessor.

The Quantum NXT™ also features a low cost of ownership with the elimination of a standby flow and unnecessary purging. The heater is customizable to include multiple, individually-temperature-controlled outlets to service multiple process tools. The Quantum NXT™ heater is the perfect solution for applications where process control, cleanliness, and system uptime are of the utmost importance.

  • MTBF >40,000 Hours
  • Redundant Safety Features
  • LCD Color Touch Screen Display
  • +/- 0.3 °C Accuracy
  • No Standby Flow Required
  • High Purity Flow Path Made Of GE214 Quartz
  • Crevice-Free Flow Path Means No Bacteria Growth Or Purging Required
  • Multiple Voltage And Kilowatt Options
  • Customizable Configuration For Power, Space, Fluid Connections, And Other Process Needs
  • Remote Control Options
  • Overheating Controls And Warnings
  • Trebor Stop Flow Technology™
  • Closed loop version available



Sizing Calculator

In order to determine which heater size is needed, calculate the required kilowatt with the: Sizing Calculator of Trebor



We also repair all Trebor Diaphragm Pump Models in our workshop in Germany, next to Stuttgart.

Max Temperature: 203 °F (95 °C)

Max Pressure: 60 PSIG (0.41 MPa)

Power: 20kW to 288kW

Voltage: 208 /400 / 480

Certifications: CE, SEMI S2 & S8

  • Leveling Casters
  • Seismic Brackets
  • High Temperature
  • Custom Options Available
  • Ethernet
  • ModBus / RTU
  • Device Net
  • I/O Enabled

There are currently no videos available.

  • Semiconductor/Electronics
  • LED/Flat Panel
  • Solar
  • Chemical Processing
  • Aerospace

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