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Foamtec Face Masks for Cleanroom

Foamtec’s cleanroom foam face masks are widely employed as under masks in cleanrooms that use headcovers with built-in face masks.

Foamtec’s Foam face masks are not impacted by recently implemented export or import restrictions, so are a more readily obtained mask for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace and medical device cleanrooms.

Most importantly, the use of Foamtec’s foam face masks does not take supply away from hospitals and medical clinics treating the Corona Virus.

While foam face masks do not have filtration capabilities against viable particulates, the table below demonstrates the low particle counts vs. three-ply non-woven masks. As an added benefit, foam face masks significantly reduce the fogging of safety glasses, primarily when employed as under mask.


≥ 0.5 um and above


Trial HT4401 3 Ply Mask
1 90 1,567
2 186 1,550
3 168 1,504
Average 148 1,540
Specification < 800 N/A

Caption: The table above highlights the particle release characteristics of Foamtec’s foam face masks vs. 3 Ply Non-woven masks.

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Custom Made 8” PEEK Cassette

At the end of 2nd quarter 2019 S3 Alliance supplied a batch of new custom made 8” PEEK Cassette to one of the biggest IC manufacturers in Russia, Mikron. Cassette was produced under the trade mark CKPlas by our Taiwanese partner – Chung King Enterprise Co. Ltd., located in Taoyuan city. Chung King Enterprise is specialized in wide variety of semiconductor wafer and reticle box from various polymeric materials. Cassette has unique design based on the customer requirements. New, improved raw material (PEEK) has been used for manufacturing of this type of cassette.

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S3 Alliance installed and grounded a Wafer Transfer Unit from Mactronix

Last year S3 Alliance installed and grounded a Wafer Transfer Unit from Mactronix to a Manufacturer of electronic devices in Germany.  The Maintenance Engineer said: 

“Our PVA-TePla Wafer Transfer Units from Mactronix showed increased static load during transfer of ~3KV as measured. The solution offered by Mactronix was to replace the original Ultem combs with new, ESD-compatible PEEK ones. After installing and grounding them (S3-Alliance service available), the measured static load was reduced to <50V!

This solution is simple and very efficient and because the new comb’s pricing is similar to the original combs, also the most price-worthy option to get rid of ESD problems with batch transfer systems in general.”