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Collaboration with Rhosonics

Rhosonics ultrasonic technology for measuring any chemical or solid in production processes.

Collaboration of Rhosonics and S3 Alliance. Handshaking.

We are proud, to announce the news of our collaboration with Rhosonics. A company, based in the Netherlands, in Putten, that has been developing sustainable ultrasonic measuring instruments for process optimization for over 30 years.

Rhosonics design, produce, and supply state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensors and analyzers for various industries, such as the semiconductor industry.

For the semiconductor industry they offer Chemical Concentration Meters. Rhosonics’ ultrasonic technology provides better oversight of the process by simultaneously monitoring multiple chemical concentrations in real-time. The real-time process data allows operators to achieve process optimization in a safe, reliable, sustainable, and cost- effective way. This is a great gain for our customers.

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In the picture you see Thomas Riedel (left, S3 Alliance) with Frank Termeulen and Samir Rustamov (Rhosonics).

Heat-Resistant Dicing Tape of NDS

NDS most popular product is the Heat-Resistant Dicing Tape.

Dicing Tape for sale
It is an UV curable type, and even if it is heated up 150 °C in your process for 1 hour, it can easily be peeled from the work after UV irradiation, and there is little generating of an adhesive residue.
The Heat-Resistant Tape “HUV-7000 Series” is available in different types and is suitable for all processes in a clean room.

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Table top SEM CUBE II at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg received a Table top SEM CUBE II from EMCrafts

CUBE 2, Tabletop SEM, placed on a table



S3 Alliance has sold and installed an EMCrafts CUBE II scanning electron microscope (SEM) at the Otto-von-Guericke-University  Magdeburg. Weighing only 65 kg, the CUBE II is a very compact tabletop SEM that can be used by the co-workers and students of Prof F. Scheffler’s Industrial Chemistry group, whenever they need a SEM. It is a highly advanced instrument with 5 axes of motion and a resolution of up to 5.0 nm. With optional detectors like EDS (compatible with Oxford, Bruker, EDAX, Thermo), even the chemical composition of various kinds of samples can be explored.
Included are: Auto Rotation, Auto Tilt, Chamber Camera and Navigation. Like this, staff and students can analyze their samples using CUBE II’s simple and intuitive user interface.

The fast imaging capabilities of the Cube II SEM allow for rapid collection of large amounts of data, which is particularly useful for studies requiring large numbers of samples. Dr A. Lieb from the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg is extraordinarily satisfied with the technical know-how and the commitment of S3 Alliance service technicians on site.

In summary, the Cube II SEM from EMcrafts is a powerful and versatile tool for exploring the micro and nano world. With its high resolution, fast imaging, chemical analysis capabilities, and ease of operation, it is a valuable device for professionals in many fields. It is absolutely forward-looking and exactly the right way for university teaching and research at very affordable costs.


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RENA Electroplating Tool EPM 2

Electroplating Tool EPM 2 for Si, GaAs, SiC, Glass and more

Development of new technologies often requires a fast time to market. Therefore process set-up times and flexibility matter as much as perfect quality and meeting customer requirements. With the development of the EPM 2, the RENA manual wet bench for plating applications like UBM, Bumping, Cu pillars, TSVs, RDL, Micro Forming and more we are taking care of your needs.


  • Outstanding process control and process stability
  • New fountain with multi-zone anodes provides outstanding plating results and a massive uniformity improvement down to 3 %
  • Reduced consumption of additives by up to 20 %
  • Small footprint
  • High process flexibility
  • Easy maintenance
  • SECS/GEM integration

Wafersize: 2“ – 8“
Substrate Materials: Si, SiC, SiGe, Glass, Sapphire, Ceramic, GaN, GaAs etc.
Plating Materials: Cu, Au, Ni, In, SnAg, Sn, Pt, PbSn, FeNi etc.


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EPM 2, the RENA manual wet bench for plating applicationsEPM 2, the RENA manual wet bench for plating applicationsEPM 2, the RENA manual wet bench for plating applications

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Wafer Ashing System from ESI at EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Installation of an e3511 Wafer Ashing System at EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Gasonics e3511 Asher plasma Photoresist stripper. Wafer Ashing System.

Last year, S3 Alliance installed an e3511 Wafer Ashing System from ESI at EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. One of Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan science and technology institutions.

The tool was installed inside the Center of MicroNanoTechnology (CMi), a complex of cleanrooms and processing equipment for the training and scientific experimentation devoted to the users of microtechnology.

Mr. Pernollet, process engineer at CMi, stated:
“S3 Alliance installed this tool as complementary to our regular barrel type ashers. Hardware of the e3511 offers us higher rate of resist removal and improved uniformity across wafers which is a real plus for descum processes. The quick and easy handling allows for fast training of our users and the tool proves to be versatile and robust which is a must-have characteristic for our users-based platform!”


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Lumina Instruments with Innovative Optical Inspection Systems

Lumina Instruments is a global Supplier of Innovative Optical Inspection Systems

for full-surface defect detection, mapping and classification on transparent, translucent and opaque substrates.

We are proud to introduce our new supplier Lumina Instruments for the area DACH, Benelux and North France. Lumina Instruments is a privately held company with its headquarter in San Jose, California.

With Lumina Instruments, we now offer a new dimension in sustainability, energy savings and best results with innovative Optical Inspection Systems. The system, for full-surface defect detection, mapping and classification on transparent, translucent and opaque substrates.


Experience how the Innovative Optival Inspection System works

Lumina Instruments, Innovative Optical Inspection Systems, Polarization, Reflectivity, Surface Slope, Dark Field


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Photography of Lumina AT2-EFEM System

Quantum NXT™ (QNXT) Ultra-Pure Water Heater

    Trebor Quantum NXT (QNXT) save water and energy





Based on high end engineering innovation, the Trebor Ultra-Pure Water Heater Quantum NXT (QNXT) provides the required performance with the environment sustainability.


Leading Edge Heating Technology:Trebor Quantum NXT Varied Flow Rate

Patented thin-film on quartz electric resistance heating element provides exceptional temperature response (ultra-efficient heat transfer) and drastically improved reliability, without the necessity of O-ring seals.

Multi-loop PID control with zero crossfire SSRs provide exceptional temperature control.

This proprietary thin-film on quartz has no metal exposure and eliminates contamination risk in the event of element failure. No external air or nitrogen purge is required with the Quantum NXT.


Versatile Control Options:

Multiple communication options are available to meet virtually all unique requirements and protocols. These heaters can be customized to communicate with any wet process tool in the semiconductor industry.


Compact & Convenient:

The modular element allows for very compact system design and can be changed out in less than 15 minutes when required. LCD color touch screen display provides easy user input and diagnostic feedback.


True Eco-Innovation:

The Quantum NXT technology provides both energy and water savings without affecting the demanding requirements of the application.


Ultra Clean Design:

High purity flow path of GE 214 semiconductor grade quartz, PTFE, and PFA with no elastomer O-rings and no NPT threads or dead-legs to create particle traps.


Dual Process Available:

Just one QNXT-D can provide heated DI water for two separate tools, lowering the overall integration cost and saving space, energy and water.


Water Stop Option: Trebor NXT Temperature Response Curve

• Utilizing the Quantum NXT’s Stop-Flow-Technology™, allows near instant heated DI water with next to no waste, allowing to cut off IDLE mode water usage.


Recirculation Option:

Another unique option offered by the Quantum NXT heater is a recirculation loop for the process water line. This option is the perfect combination of immediate “to-the-point” temperature controlled UPW dispense whenever needed and significant water and energy savings.
Trebor Quantum NXT Recirculation




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