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Lumina Instruments mit innovativen optischen Inspektionssystemen

Lumina Instruments ist ein weltweiter Anbieter von innovativen optischen Inspektionssystemen

für die vollflächige Fehlererkennung, Kartierung und Klassifizierung auf transparenten, halbtransparenten und lichtundurchlässigen Substraten.

Wir sind stolz, Ihnen unseren neuen Lieferanten Lumina Instruments für das Gebiet DACH, Benelux und Nord Frankreich vorstellen zu dürfen. Lumina Instruments ist ein privates Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in San Jose, Kalifornien.

Mit Lumina Instruments bieten wir Ihnen eine neue Dimension der Nachhaltigkeit, Energieeinsparung und beste Ergebnisse mit innovativen optischen Inspektionssystemen. Das optische Inspektionssystem zur vollflächigen Fehlererkennung, Kartierung und Klassifizierung auf transparenten, transluzenten und opaken Substraten.

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Photography of Lumina AT2-EFEM System

Quantum NXT™ (QNXT) Ultra-Pure Water Heater

    Trebor Quantum NXT (QNXT) save water and energy





Based on high end engineering innovation, the Trebor Ultra-Pure Water Heater Quantum NXT (QNXT) provides the required performance with the environment sustainability.


Leading Edge Heating Technology:Trebor Quantum NXT Varied Flow Rate

Patented thin-film on quartz electric resistance heating element provides exceptional temperature response (ultra-efficient heat transfer) and drastically improved reliability, without the necessity of O-ring seals.

Multi-loop PID control with zero crossfire SSRs provide exceptional temperature control.

This proprietary thin-film on quartz has no metal exposure and eliminates contamination risk in the event of element failure. No external air or nitrogen purge is required with the Quantum NXT.


Versatile Control Options:

Multiple communication options are available to meet virtually all unique requirements and protocols. These heaters can be customized to communicate with any wet process tool in the semiconductor industry.


Compact & Convenient:

The modular element allows for very compact system design and can be changed out in less than 15 minutes when required. LCD color touch screen display provides easy user input and diagnostic feedback.


True Eco-Innovation:

The Quantum NXT technology provides both energy and water savings without affecting the demanding requirements of the application.


Ultra Clean Design:

High purity flow path of GE 214 semiconductor grade quartz, PTFE, and PFA with no elastomer O-rings and no NPT threads or dead-legs to create particle traps.


Dual Process Available:

Just one QNXT-D can provide heated DI water for two separate tools, lowering the overall integration cost and saving space, energy and water.


Water Stop Option: Trebor NXT Temperature Response Curve

• Utilizing the Quantum NXT’s Stop-Flow-Technology™, allows near instant heated DI water with next to no waste, allowing to cut off IDLE mode water usage.


Recirculation Option:

Another unique option offered by the Quantum NXT heater is a recirculation loop for the process water line. This option is the perfect combination of immediate “to-the-point” temperature controlled UPW dispense whenever needed and significant water and energy savings.
Trebor Quantum NXT Recirculation




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