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The Disco DFG8540 System is a fully automatic in-feed surface grinder. With its conventional two-spindle, three-chuck design, the DFG8540 is capable of performing both large diameter and thin-finish grinding. The DFG8540’s processing position of the grinding wheel coincides with the chuck table for each spindle for improved grinding performance.

Features:  DFG8540 small
  •     Automated thinning up to 200 mm diameter wafers
  •     Ultra-thin wafer handling to 100 µm and less
  •     DBG option available and Plasma-ready
  •     Flat/Notch alignment orientation
  •     Interior grind water nozzle
  •     Chuck/Spinner table
  •     Positioning and stopping system
  •     2 spindles, 3 rotary-chuck table

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