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The Strasbaugh 7AF Wafer Grinder is an advanced wafer grinding solution for semiconductor, data storage, SOI, LED, and a variety of R&D applications. The 7AF delivers high volume throughput with superior finish and thickness control. The force sensitive mechanics and advanced control system allows adaptive grinding that is determined by grinding wheel dynamics resulting in reduced sub-surface damage and increased product yield.

Axus technology is specializing in remanufacturing of CMP, Wafer Grinding & Wafer Cleaning  Equipments as well as the supply of upgrades and spareparts.

Standard Features Include: 
  • Touch Screen Controls, 19” Intuitive Interface
  • Dual grinding spindles, coarse and fine
  • Force adaptive grinding technology
  • Dual wafer spindles for optimal throughput
  • Four input/output cassette stations
  • Robotic load and unload with flipping end effector
  • In-situ thickness measurement gauges

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