DISCO DFG 840/841 Grinder

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AXUS technology is specializing in remanufacturing of CMP, Wafer Grinding & Wafer Cleaning  Equipments as well as the supply of upgrades and spareparts.
Refurbished DFG840-841 Backgrinding Systems
This unit features two-spindle, three-rotary-chuck table specifications, allowing high-quality ultra-thin grinding for thin wafers 3D integration, bonded wafers, etc. With two-spindle, two-chuck table specifications and a robot arm, the Disco 840 and 841 machines feature a same-cassette return function. The robot arm vacuum ensures that even thin-ground wafers, which are prone to warping, are corrected to the required flatness for trouble free handling. For safety, the DFG841 complies with the EC’s CE marking and is based on the SEMI S2-93.
Axus Technology maintains an inventory of high quality new, used and refurbished process equipment. Standard specifications for these systems are provided below.

  •     Handles wafers from 4-8″
  •     In-feed grinding with wafer rotation
  •     Two independently adjustable spindles
  •     Spindle speed – 1000-7000 rpm
  •     Vertical stroke – 110 mm
  •     Porous chuck table with vacuum chuck
  •     8” diamond grinding wheel
  •     Two cassettes for loading/unloading
  •     Planarity accuracy within wafer – 0.0015 mm
  •     DFG841 complies with the EC’s CE marking

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