Dicing Blade (Resin, Electro-formed, metal or vitrified)

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NDS can provide a broad variety of Dicing Blades:

Resin bond Blades done to:

  • reduce copper burr and smear on ductile and gummy materials
  • improve chipping, feedrate and blade life on hard or brittle materials
  • ultra thin blade (50microns)

Electro-formed (Nickel bond) Blades propose:

  • advanced electro-formed technology
  • wide selecton of bond available
  • exclusive development and customized technology

Metal bond Blades done to:

  • wide selecton of bond available for various semiconductor packages such as BGAs
  • ultr thin blades 45microns

Vitrified bond Blades done to:

  • initiative conductive vitrified bond
  • porosity material
  • realizes high quality process on hard materials like sapphire


see attached pdf document for more technical details


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Resin Blades applications:

  • QFNs
  • Glas for CiS Modules and opticals
  • Ceramics, Quartz for Optical Fibers Communication, Splitter, IR-Cut Filter

Electro-formed Blades applications:

  • Chip LED
  • Compound
  • Silicon
  • Magnetics, Ceramics
  • Material for Ultrathin blades

Metal Blades applications:

  • Sapphire
  • BGAs (LGA, CSP, SiP, MCP, EMMC, micro SD cards)
  • Glas for CIS Modules and Opticals

Vitrified Blades applications:

  • Hard and Brittle Materials (Crystal, Sapphire, Ceramic)

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