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AXUS technology is specializing in re-manufacturing of CMP, Wafer Grinding & Wafer Cleaning  Equipments as well as the supply of upgrades and spareparts. Strasbaugh 6EC CMP System is an economical tool for chemical mechanical planarization research, failure analysis, and low-volume production. Its semi-automatic operations are programmable through a color, touch-screen GUI for repeatable and accurate process control. The Model 6EC is the affordable solution, providing the benefits of state-of-the-art CMP at a low cost.

  • Closed-loop table and spindle RPM motors help ensure consistent process results.
  • Programmable pad conditioning increases the lifetime of the pad and improves WIWNU.
  • Minimal maintenance lowers the cost of ownership.
  • Small footprint offers convenience for small labs.
  • Pad conditioning system provides in-situ and/or ex-situ programmable selective pad conditioning for consistent removal rates and minimum non-uniformity.
  • 20 zones of Programmable control: dwell time, down force and RPM can be programmed for each zone. Pad conditioning can be done with a diamond plated disk or nylon brush.
  •     ViPRR carriers reduce edge exclusion, control center-to-edge  uniformity, and improve overall performance and reliability.

The Strasbaugh 6-EC model is an economical tool for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) research, failure analysis and low volume production.

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