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Spin Coater

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High Precision Spin Coating Sytems (Spin Coater)

1. Our spin coater, You can speed up and down freely 0 ~ 50 to 8,000 R.P.M. (Option: 10,000 R.P.M)
2. The auto encoding function in this spin-coater guarantees you strong power and precision.
(applied and developed for the first time in history and exported all over the world in a great success.)
The encoding function in this spin-coater minimizes the chance of being out of order and makes A/S convenient.
(The compact of inner and outer devices realized)
3. Adopted a motor which overcomes the speed limit of existing motors and gain a strong power and speed capacity
of max 10
,000 r.p.m.
4. Specialized enough to cover even a 18-inch ball and a
12-inch extra-large chuck (Option)
5. Most thinly produced in height, which enables you to use with ease globe box. (Height 220 mm)
6. Spin coater With 100 step and 100 programs (recipes), you can gain the data freely which you want.
7. The programs of the spin controller are made easy enough to be used by beginners.
8. You can wash and clear balls very easily and conveniently.
9. Compared to foreign products, this spin coater costs a reasonable sum, considering a variety of functions and
excellent capacity.
10. Safety device: If chuck and wafer & plate are not positioned in a vacuum, it will stop working. Developed and
produced  first for the safety of operators.
11. As you see both the initially-set R.P.M and the actual R.P.M numbers, you can check the degree of revolving
precision  every second. (attained high accuracy)
12. Spin coater Bowl size is big enough for you to be excellent at spin-coating.
13. Spin coater Option : Dispenser.


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