Dong AH Trade Corp. develop manufactures, imports and exports the research equipment development for semiconductor, new materials, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology.

Established in 1991, they habe been manufacturing research equipments with related semiconductors for Nanotechnology Biotechnology. They have a business with Samsung, LG and various enterprises research institures, government with related laboratories, and all university’s laboratories in South Korea.

Additionally they export the above research equipments to overseas in the world, we are based on the manufacturing industry that imports semiconductor with related research equipments with know-how in the meantime. Dong AH Trade Corp. is established on accumulated technology and various experiences, and they are constantly working to provide more qualified service, more competitive prices, and  rapid service that is more responsible for the products.

Dong AH Trade Corp. is trying to develop High-precision spin coater (ACE Series, TOP Series) which is highly developed than existing products, the following development of ACE-200 (Up to  6 inches), they have also developed the TOP-8 (Up to 8 inches). High-precision middle size spin coater which is the most popular since the spin coater industry in South Korea.

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