Advancer Immersion Wet Bench

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Wet Process

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  • MEI’s Advancer platform of wet benches offer flexible configurations that provide effective solutions to many wet processing solutions.
  • The Advancer is available as full-auto or semi-auto, stand-alone or modular.
  • The Advancer wet bench offers many features to optimize the process chemical requirements such as bulk chemical calls and status, chemical spiking, and “in-tank” blending of chemistries monitored by IDX Flexware.
  • With an extremely small footprint, the MEI Advancer Wet Bench provides wet processing solutions for fabs with limited production space.
  • The Advancer wet bench is a field-proven platform providing reliability, configurability, increased up-time and yield.
  • All are the hallmarks of an MEI wet processing system.
  • Solutions that are Built on Commitment

Available as :

  • Advancer Classic
  • Advancer Gemini: a dual process, dual robot Wet Processing System
  • Advancer HF
  • Advancer Micro (narrow)


  • Single or dual cassette capability
  • All standard semiconductor processes available
  • 6 and 8 inch processing with no changes
  • Modular design for ease of future expansion.
  • Easy to access plumbing, pneumatics and electrical components
  • Single process and rinse design
  • Side mount robot, easily slides out for service
  • Optional chemical spiking capability
  • Flexware Process Control Software
  • Available in all common process configurations
  • Easily upgradeable with high reliability


  • Many tank and process bath options, including Megasonics and Ultrasonics
  • Heater, chiller, dryer options
  • Spiking, reclaim, lid, overflow weir, recirculation
  • Filter, fill method, agitation, flush and drain options.
  • Wafer carrier and queue pass-on cassette options
  • HEPA or ULPA filters
  • SECS/GEM interface options
  • Bulk chemical supply
  • Integrated chemical spiking
  • Automatic or manual doors
  • Choice of materials, FM4910 (Halar, CPVC, PVDF) or
  • polypropylene or stainless steel
  • SEMI S2-0703 3rd party evaluation audits and FM certified systems
  • UL Listed 508A Main Electrical Panel


Semiconductor, GaAs, solar cell, IC, Medical and MEMS. The system is suitable for a wide variety of etch, strip and clean applications for semiconductor processing. Applications include wet processing for IC devices, medical device, MEMS, LED and III-V Compounds.

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