Founded in 2006, Greenspec Inc. is a leading supplier of service & technology providers in semiconductor, flat panel display and mobile industries mainly.

The company is strongly developing new products aswell as precious alliance upcoming mobile and common industries.

Greenspec Inc. is committed to build long term strategic relationships which add significant value of customers. In addition, the company develops the leading edge products to the customer continuosly.

And the company offers to distinguish solutions so that customers can improve new manufacture and yield on high density device, high technologies and the cost efficiency.

“Our slogan and mottos” is to be recognized by customers as the best and the most respected equipment, part and service supplier with a proven track record of distinguish technology, clean environment and mutual trust.

An ISO 9001/14001 certified company, Greenspec Inc. is located in Korea. The company maintains engineering and manufacturing facilities in the location and partners around the world to support global customers.

We are always there where customers are!!!


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