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Vacuum Pump Repair

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PTB has been selling refurbished rotary vane vacuum pumps for almost two decades. We have factory trained technicians utilizing state of the art documentation, parts/kits and procedures. All PTB rebuilt vacuum pumps are tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications for NEW vacuum pumps.
Vane pumps are used for most basic vacuum applications that require high pumping speeds and throughput. Rotary vane pumps use an eccentrically mounted rotor to sweep the gas through an ever-decreasing volume to either another stage or an exhaust. Oil is used as both the lubricant and the sealant. Pumping speeds for a vane pump range from .5 cfm to 300 cfm and the pumps can reach as low as 1 x 10-4 Torr. Rotary vane pumps can be prepared for corrosive and oxygen service.

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The following products can be repaired:
– Laybold
– Edwards
– Pfeiffer Adixen
– Agilent Varian
– Welch Ilmvac
– Elmo Rietschle

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