Porous Ceramic Chuck Table

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Parts & Consumables


Dicing, Grinding

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NDS is able to provide Chuck table : New made / Refurbish / Reground Available for mostly all kind of dicing saw (Disco, TSK,…)

Type: Porous Ceramic + Stainless-Steel or Stainless-Steel

Size : Standard 6 to 12 inch size ( Customize size upon  request)

Shape : Circular /Square / Rectangular  …

Mesh size : Standard #600 (Other grit size requirement also can be developed.)

Ceramic color : Grey / Beige

Feature : Good porosity and high accuracy


Spinner table : New made / Refurbish / Reground

For Cleaning System

Material : Porous Ceramic

Pedestal  Material: Aluminum

Size : Standard 6 to 12 inch size

With clamp or without clamp

Mesh size : Standard #600


Grinding Chuck : New made / Reground

For Grinder Type Okamoto, Disco, Strasbaugh

Material : Structure Ceramic + Silicon Carbide

Pedestal material: Structural Ceramics

Size : According to customer’s drawing

Mesh size : Standard #180

Feature : higher life expectancy

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