CoverMax Polyester Fabric Over Foam Wiper

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CoverMAX Wiper, polyester fabric over foam

  • CoverMAX® is a unique wiper designed to aid decontamination procedures in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device manufacturing facilities.
  • CoverMAX® is a triple layered wiper with a top and bottom shell of clean room grade polyester fabric heat sealed around highly absorbent super fine pore foam.
  • This unique construction enables operators to apply large, uniform volumes of sterile alcohol and disinfectants to surfaces that must be decontaminated.
  • The foam core evenly dispenses fluids through the outer polyester shell under normal wiping pressure to enhance fluid coverage and contact time.
  • CoverMAX® combines the fluid holding and wipe ability of a sponge with the cleanliness of polyester fabrics making it the ideal decontamination wiper.
  • CoverMAX® is compatible with steam, EtO and Gamma sterilization processes

CoverMAX® Wipers

Size: 10″ x 10″


  • CoverMAX® incorporates polyester fabric over foam construction to enable the even application of large volumes of disinfectants on clean room surfaces.
  • CoverMAX® can hold 8-10X the volume of fluid compared to other wipers allowing for much quicker application of cleaning fluids to large areas such as glass windows, stainless steel tanks, filling machines and clean room curtains.
  • CoverMAX® conforms to surfaces enabling operators to achieve even fluid coverage without using stacks of wipers. Ideal for applying disinfectants to difficult to clean surfaces such as conveyors and curtains.
  • CoverMAX® is durable and resists shedding abrasion generated fibers for applications in ISO Class 1-3 clean rooms. In ISO Class 4 and above CoverMAX® can lead to significant reductions in both labor and wiper consumption.

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