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Metal Cassette -Capacity use in different semiconductor to load semiconductor, LED epitaxy chip, germination chip, wafer, in LED germination epitaxy solar wafer process, high temperature resistant, transfer in factory.

Able to do laser engraving. Able to install RFID. Keep the track of carrier and material.


  • Product name:2″ Metal Cassette
  • Dimension:142.6(L) x 62(W) x 58.5(H)mm
  • Weight:
  • Capacity:25 PCS
  • Wafer size:2 inch (Ø50mm)
  • Material:Metal


  • Product name:4″ Metal Cassette
  • Dimension:143(L) x 125.5(W) x 115(H)mm
  • Weight:
  • Capacity:25 PCS
  • Wafer size:4 inch (Ø100mm)
  • Material:Metal


  • Product name:6″ Metal Cassette
  • Dimension:150(L) x 160(W) x 170(H)mm
  • Weight:1200g
  • Capacity:25 PCS
  • Wafer size:6 inch (Ø150mm)
  • Material:Metal


  • Product name:8″ Metal Cassette
  • Dimension:214(L) x 202.7(W) x 206(H)mm
  • Weight:3300g
  • Capacity:25 PCS
  • Wafer size:8 inch (Ø200mm)
  • Material:Metal


  • Product name:12″ Metal Cassette
  • Dimension:380(L) x 388.8(W) x 312(H)mm
  • Weight:4000g
  • Capacity:25 PCS
  • Wafer size:12 inch (Ø300mm)
  • Material:Metal


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For high temperature processes

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