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S3 Alliance is a certified Signature Service Provider (SSP) for Trebor Products, which describes the qualification to repair the pumps. We repair all Trebor Diaphragm Pump Models in our workshop in Germany, next to Stuttgart.
We have not only the facility (wet bench, compressor) and toolsets to pursue this task but also a variety of rebuild kits available for immediate repair out of our stock.

The process steps are as follows:

  • Delivery of a quote for the repair of your Trebor Pump Model (including the rebuild kit that is needed for most repairs)
  • Sending the pump after safe flushing and rinsing together with the Trebor Return Data Sheet
  • Inspection and test run of the pump by S3 to confirm the failure mechanism
  • Disassemble of the pump and evaluation of the defect parts
  • Pre-report sent to the customer to confirm the level of repair chosen
  • Repair after agreement with the customer
  • Test with DI Water and CDA for compliance to the specification
  • Final report and shipping to the customer

Send us your request for the rebuild or repair of your Trebor diaphragm pump model

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List of the pumps we repair:

Please contact us for more information.

Please send us with your inquiry the model and SN of your pump along with a short fault description.

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