Maxim 50 High Purity Chemical Pump

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Purity Chem Pump

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The Maxim 50 is our most widely used pump across several industries because of its reliability and control features. The pump was designed to withstand highly aggressive chemical applications and the design was put head to head with competitor pumps in several processes to prove its performance. The proof of the study was that the Maxim 50 could withstand wear and chemical attack in chemical solutions that typically form crystals or suspend solids, which shorten the life of most pumps. In addition, the unique construction eliminates the need for O-ring seals.

  • reliable operation in various applications because of patented non-stall air logic design
  • safe, pneumatic operation with clean, dry air or nitrogen
  • no metal parts or O-ring seals
  • non-penetrated, double layer PTFE diaphragm
  • quick release base
  • immediate response to system backpressures (D-style control only)
  • user serviceable
  • clean room assembled, tested, and packaged

Max Flow

49 LPM (13 GPM)

Max Temperature

356 °F (180 °C)

100 °C (212 °F)* Model M50D

Max Pressure

80 PSIG (0.55 MPa)

60 PSIG (0.41 MPa)* Model M50R


PTFE/PFA fluid path




  • Semiconductor/Electronics
  • LED/Flat Panel
  • Chemical Processing
  • Aerospace
  • High Temperature Applications

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