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MEI’s Revolution is an automated, multi-step, Rotary wet bench system. With IDX Flexware Control, an integrated rotary robot and a custom process tank configuration MEI creates powerful, flexible solutions and equipment that require minimal footprint. SECS/GEM compliant IDX Flexware Process Control software provides outstanding control and flexibility, custom tailored to your process solution. Our new, robust rotary robots can handle carriers up to 300mm wafers through multiple process steps and recipe configurations. Configurability, up-time, yield, maintainability and throughput are the hallmarks of an MEI wet processing system.

Features for Optimum Performance

  • 2–5 tanks
  • Megasonic or ultrasonic bath
  • Heater (including solid state), chiller and dryer options
  • Chemical spiking, in-tank blending, filtration concentration monitoring, bulk fill, agitation, DI flush and drain options
  • PVDF, stainless, quartz, halar or natural poly
  • Optional tank lids
  • Pressure or optical tank level monitoring
  • QDR tank with sparger bar spraying method, shared facilities,
  • robust dump cylinder

System Options

  • Custom Designed for Your Process
  • 100–300mm wafer Sizes
  • Input/output queues or manual loading
  • Acid/base or  solvent
  • Choice of FM4910 (Halar, CPVC, PVDF), polypropylene or stainless steel
  • Chemical spiking, recirculation, and filtration
  • Manual pour chemistry via deck mounted cup or chemical spiking reservoir
  • End effector materials PVDF/ PTFE, halar, quartz or  stainless
  • Fire suppression (available upon request)

Integrated Dryer Options

  • Technology node 200nm
  • Best particle performance on hydrophilic surfaces
  • Compatible with processing
  • Teflon cassettes
  • Slow drain Marangoni process
  • Static wafer lifter to minimize water contact marks
  • Dry cycle time 15–20 min
  • 10–20 ml IPA per cycle


  • Etch, Strip, Cleaning, and MLO Wet Bench with Minimal Fab Footprint FEOL Resist Strip
  • RCA Clean
  • BEOL Resist Strip
  • InGaP-GaAs Etch
  • Post CMP Clean
  • Prediffusion Clean
  • Oxide Etch
  • SWP Clean
  • Developer
  • Nitride Etch

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