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Integrated IPA Drying

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RENA’s Genesis Marangoni Dryer integrates drying with cleaning and rinsing, providing a one-step process for applications including the fabrication and cleaning of ICs, solar cells, fuel cells, and MEMSThe entire process is monitored and controlled by RENA’s proprietary IDX Process Control software.


  • Enables Dry In – Dry Out Processing
  • Simplified Marangoni dryer design
  • Teflon cassettes @ > 200nm w/5mm EE
  • Static wafer lifter
  • Hydrophobic or Philic surfaces
  • Particle performance
  • Uses Teflon cassettes
  • Ideal for drying thin wafers
  • Typical 7-20 min cycle time
  • Will not damage photoresist

Intuitive Integration

  • Active lifter for independent wafer
  • Low mass carrier drying @ 30nm w/3mm EE
  • Slow pull wafer lifter
  • Wafers dried independently of the carrier
  • Phobic or Philic surfaces
  • Particle performance
  • Uses low mass wafer carrier
  • Optional IPA recirculation & filtration to 15nm
  • Typical 10 min cycle time
  • Will not damage photoresist
  • Produces oxide free H terminated surface with no air interface
  • HF injection is best used for complete oxide strip applications
  • Combination HF, HCl, and DIO3 rinse provides high-quality surfaces
  • Cycle times are application dependent
  • O3, HF or HCl Injection for Critical Clean Applications

RENA Genesis Marangoni Dryer Features:

  • Robust
  • Efficient
  • Clean
  • Cost Effective
  • Recirculating for reduced IPA usage
  • Low cost of ownership


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