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MiraSAT™ 70/30 is pre-saturated with 70% Semiconductor Grade IPA & 30% Ultrapure Water(UPW) & incorporates Foamtec’s industry-leading MiraWIPE™ Microfiber sealed edge wiper. The unique woven microfiber requires only 7ml of solution to be uniformly dampened which enables scrubbing like cleaning action to dislodge, entrap and remove contaminants while reducing IPA consumption by at least 22%. MiraSAT’s super strong weave and sealed edge minimize shedding of fibers even on textured surfaces making it ideal for equipment cleaning tasks. MiraSAT™ is manufactured and processed in an ISO 5 cleanroom. Each pack contains 20 MiraSAT™ wipers and is double bagged to aid cleanroom entry protocols.


  • Protects VOC sensitive fab modules such as lithography, metrology and CVD from solvent fumes.
  • Even, consistent wetting of wiper enables excellent first pass cleaning results and reduced cleaning time.
  • Eliminates the risk of cross-contamination from soiled squirt bottles.
  • Unsurpassed abrasion & snag resistance minimizes scratch defects and particle excursions associated with fab wipers.
  • For equipment PM’s, the lightly dampened, woven microfiber fabric is production proven to improve equipment uptime and first pass qual rates.
  • Reduce flammable chemical storage, solvent squirt bottles, and handling of IPA in the cleanroom.
  • Reduce fugitive VOC emissions and air permit implications associated with solvent wiping.
  • Reduce personnel exposure to isopropyl alcohol during cleanroom wipe downs.

Material: Microfiber
Size: 9″ x 9″
Seal: Wide Sealed Edge
Solution: 70% IPA & 30% Ultrapure Water, 144mL
Packaging: 20 Wipers/Bag – 20 Bags/Case, Each pack is double bagged to aid cleanroom entry protocols.

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Foamtec’s HPM Technique

Combined with the UltraSOLV® ScrubPAD and Sponge, MiraSAT’s capabilities to dislodge, entrap and remove stubbornly adhered contamination reduces wiper usage, hazardous waste and equipment recovery time.

• For use in ISO Class 3 and higher cleanrooms.
• Cleaning of hi-vac process chambers and robotics in flat panel display and wafer fabs.
• Cleaning VOC sensitive process equipment in lithography, CVD and metrology modules.
• Cleaning baked-on resist and developer from lithography tracks.
• Final wipedown of sensitive components such as EFEM’s, electrostatic chucks, VAT valves and gas dispersion plates.
• Equipment PM’s and wet cleans where the elimination of VOC’s and flammable solvents are required.


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