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WaferGrip Adhesives are advanced composite film adhesives engineered to bond wafers, thin film heads, optics and other substrates during dicing, grinding, lapping and polishing.

WaferGrip Adhesives consist of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) polymers. WaferGrip is heat activated to bond two surfaces together. A typical application is the bonding of wafers to mounting substrates for the thinning process. WaferGrip preformed shapes are manufactured to suit the required application. An accurately controlled bond line provides an efficient and robust process. WaferGrip preformed shapes are available in three formulations: Standard, Conductive and High Temp.

WaferGrip Adhesives are available in three configurations:

  • WaferGrip on Release Paper, used for many standard applications including wafer dicing and wafer thinning.
  • WaferGrip on Protective Overlay, used as a temporary substrate that allows the user to cut through the wafer into the substrate below.
  • WaferGrip on Double Sided Protective Overlay.

Process Method:

  1. WaferGrip Adhesives are removed from the release paper then applied at room temperature to a mounting substrate such as sapphire or glass.
  2. The part or wafer is placed over the WaferGrip.
  3. The entire assembly is then heated to around 110°C – 230°F for 30 to 60 seconds with light pressure, using a vacuum chamber for void free bonding.
  4. To remove WaferGrip, use our specially formulated solvent StripAid X Solvent.

WaferGrip Adhesives are resistant to:

  • Water
  • IPA
  • Acetone
  • KOH etch solutions
  • Photoresist strippers

WaferGrip Temporary Adhesive Properties Test Method Standard WaferGrip Conductive WaferGrip High Temp WaferGrip
Softening Point (°C/°F) ASTM-D-36 98/208 98/208 115/239
Recommended Bond Temperature (°C/°F) N/A 100-120 / 212-248 100-120 / 212-248 120-140 / 212-284
Lap Shear Strength (psi) (Al to Al) ASTM-D-1002 400 395 490
Ultimate Strength (psi/KPa) ASTM-D-3574-E 120/827 714/4922 517/3565
C.T.E -70°C to 49°C (μm/°C) ASTM-E-831 133.3 140.0 147.9
Volume Resistivity (ohms-cm) ASTM-D257 1.6E+14 8.8E+13 1.6E+14
% Volatiles EPA Method 16 Negligible Negligible Negligible
Color N/A Blue Purple Green

WaferGrip is available in the following thickness ranges:

  • 0.8 +/- 0.15 mil – 20 μm +/- 4 μm
  • 1.35 +/- 0.15 mil – 34 μm +/- 4 μm
  • 2.00 +/- 0.20 mil – 50 μm +/- 5 μm

Store under cool, dry conditions away from direct sunlight. Proper storage temperatures range from –5°C/23°F to 24°C/75°F. For best results, keep unopened WaferGrip in the original sealed bag with desiccant. Shelf life at 25°C/ 77°F and 45% humidity is approximately 1.5 years.

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