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Integrated IPA Drying

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MEI’s VaporDry, Integrated IPA Drying Process displaces water from high aspect ratio features and TSV, effectively drying the most complex surfaces. The entire process is monitored and controlled by MEI’s proprietary IDX Process Control software.

VaporDry is the ideal solution for 3D Compound Semiconductor and TSV Applications.

MEI VaporDry Drying Process Features:

  • 85% Reduction in IPA Usage vs Boiling Sump Vapor Dryers
  • Lower IPA usage compared to boiling sump vapor dryers
  • 200ml/cycleSemiconductor, Dryer, IPA
  • IDX Flexware Process Control Software
  • Completely dry “High Aspect Ratio” structures and TSV > 750um deep

MEI’s wet processing platforms are selected in large part due to their superior process performance and their ability to provide dry-to-dry solutions. MEI’s Compass Spin Rinse Dryers with IDX Flexware bring features and control that no other SRD can offer. MEI’s Genesis Marangoni dryers can be integrated into all of MEI’s major platforms to include the full-auto Evolution and the semi-auto Advancer and Revolution platforms. The expertise to successfully integrate a Marangoni dryer in a semi-automated system is not available from suppliers of equivalent systems. Providing field-proven process data we are able to clearly demonstrate reliable particle performance capabilities for our Genesis, Genesis X, and Genesis Xi integrated drying systems.



  • Particle performance < 20 at 0.12μm
  • All EP stainless steel construction
  • Low Complexity
  • Lower IPA Usage
  • Efficient & Clean
  • Robust, reliable, field-proven performance
  • Small Footprint
  • Extremely effective for Teflon cassettes
  • Ideal for drying multiple wafer sizes


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