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The UF-Series Heater is different from any other heating system in the market.  Developed from Trebor’s thin film knowledge this new heater provides the industry’s fastest response times and tightest process control.  This new patented, flexible heating technology is designed to be placed in locations with limited space availability.  The UF-Series Heater offers the potential to replace existing PFA fluid paths by shaping and routing the flexible inline system.  Featuring a flexible design, this heater is well-suited for Point-of-Use (POU) applications and can easily be integrated into existing chemical dispense systems.  The UF-Series Heater can also be configured for either liquid or gas applications. This new and cutting edge heater combines ultra high-purity materials, fast response times, a crevice-free design and customized configurations to provide an ideal solution for any application.  The UF-Series Heater is available in 208V and has multiple sensor configurations ensuring plug-and-play compatibility with an existing control system.


  • 700W, 208 Vac, Single Phase
  • Gas
  • Liquid
  • Ethernet
  • Serial

In order to determine which heater size is needed, calculate the required watts with the following formula:

Required W = 70(LPM Flow)(Temp Delta °C)

Conversion Calculations:
LPM = GPM*3.8
°C = 5/9(°F – 32)

Heater Sizing Formula Example
Ambient water temp = 65°C
Desired process temp = 70°C
Temperature delta = 45°C
Required W = 70(2 LPM)(5 °C) = 700 W
560 W(1.25) = 700 W

Trebor recommends a 700 W heater for this application.

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