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Willbe S&T manufacture to highest Industriy standarts Retraining Rings for all CMP Equipment: AMAT, EBARA, IPEC, STRABAUGH,…

Different Designs are possible either using Willbe S&T patented Inject Molding Design with PEEKS or PBN Materials):

For PEEK for example,

  • Preventing SUS and PEEK/PPS seperation issues by ultising a non-bonded structure design
  • Completely outer molded PEEK material reduces defect issue that is caused by solidifying slurry, and improves lifetime.
  • Side hole design enables the removal of slurry between Retainer Ring and Membrane by jetting water through the side hole, reducing defect counts.
  • Application : AMAT Reflexion & Reflexion LK
  • High quality
  • Competivetly priced
  • Also possiblke for New innovative Materials like PBN

But also for standart 2 pieces bonded designs with PPS, PEEK or other Materials for 150, 200mm or 300mm CMP Heads

Different PEEK Grades are used with High performance thermoplastic material, unreinforced PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK), semi crystalline, granules for injection
moulding and extrusion as well as PPS, PBN


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