Since Willbesnt established in 1987, Willbe have been grown up rapidly as Willbe are specialising in semiconductor and LCD related components, which is based on consistent R&D investment with high Performance industry standard products. As Willbe achieved their first goal in local market, Willbe continuously grew up to develop new technology with dynamic motivation. Willbesnt were ISO9000/14000 certified under the strict management of environment and products guarantee system. At last, Willbesnt will continuously increase the R&D investment to be a global standard company with advanced technology.

Willbesnt have over 20 years of experience in Engineering Plastic Spare Parts & Components, serving  Major customers related in Semiconductor & FPD  in Korea, having long-standing relationship with Customers in Semiconductor, FPD and Solar Industry.

For the Semiconductor Industry, Willbesnt are manufacturing mostly CMP Retaining Ring used on large OEM plattforms like AMAT and EBARA as well as engineering technical Plastic Parts (PEEK, VESPEL, PFA, PTFE, PVDF, PCTFE) for CVD and ETCH equipment.

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