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Leveraging patented technologies, Dynatex International’s DTX Scribe and Break can manage the unique needs and diverse applications of customers that require a dry dicing process for die singulation and other critical applications.


The DTX Scribe and Break performs high precision diamond scribe and break dry dicing for materials such as Indium Phosphide, Gallium Arsenide, Gallium Nitride, Silicon, and Borosilicate Glass, in substrate sizes up to 200 mm.

  • High precision production and R&D tool
  • Integrated vision system provides simple automatic processing operations
  • User friendly GUI with touch screen operation for ease of operator interface
  • Wizard guided system calibrations
  • Windows 10 based software
  • Single adjustable monitor
  • Integrated scribe and break stages
  • Multiple break types/assemblies available
  • 200 mm wafer and partial wafer processing
  • Fully automatic and manual modes

Wafer Size Up to 200 mm
Base Plate Material Granite
X Y Theta Actuators Linear motors
X Y Stage Resolution 0.2 microns
1 micron minimum step (accuracy)
Theta Stage Resolution 0.001 degree
Positioning System Feedback Mechanism Optical encoder
Axis Controllers Dedicated controller per axis
Stability Vibration free mounts
Controller Communication Distribution RJ45 LAN – 100 MB/s Ethernet
Allows for fastest MTTR, remote support/service and diagnostics, and process assistance
Operator Interface Single touch screen monitor for fast and easy operation
Enclosure Corrosion resistant steel
Internal Access Lift off covers
Safety Mechanically operated interlock switches
Footprint 1.8 m2
PM Schedule 6 months

The DTX Scribe and Break excels in dry dicing of high value and high volume devices, which produces quality die, high device yield, and lowers the overall costs of the die singulation process.

  • BioMedical devices with sensitive structures
  • BioMedical Glass with coatings
  • RFICs
  • Si-Photonics III-V chips
  • Laser diode cleaving and Matrix bar-to-die separation
  • OptoElectronics Devices
  • MEMS
  • LEDs

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