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CMP Pad Conditioner

A diamond tool for the planarisation of wafers. The CMP Pad Conditioner is used in the CMP process and utilises the mechanical force of the pad and the chemical reaction of the slurry.


We also offer Semiconductor CMP Parts Repair and other Services.

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  • Even removal of oxidized layer from blank wafer
  • Selective removal of some irregularities from uneven surface
  • Selective removal of irregularities which occur after the process of  wire sputtering in interlevel layers, and after the process of  interlevel dielectrics
  • Even removal of different materials at a time such as Oxidizes,  Nitrides, and Al, Cu, W in interlevel dielectrics


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Materials to be polished

  • Oxide CMP : BPSG,   PE-TEOS, SC, STI
  • Metal CMP : W, AL, Cu


Range of Grits

  • #60/80~#120/140

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