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The Axus Technology engineering team provides advanced technical solutions for CMP process services ranging from advanced CMP process development to standard production CMP foundry services. With a fully equipped Class 100 cleanroom staffed by engineers with decades of semiconductor process experience, Axus is ready to assist you with all your CMP process needs.
Axus is also a worldwide seller and distributor of remanufactured CMP tools such as Applied Material’s Mirra and Mirra Mesa, IPEC, Speedfam and Strasbaugh CMP systems, new G&P Technology CMP tools, tool upgrades, tool parts, and tool maintenance services.

The Axus Technology foundry and development processes include CMP and polishing, as well as cleaning, wafer bonding, substrate thinning and edge-grinding processes. With decades of process experience and a fully equipped class 100 cleanroom, the Axus team can process small or large lots of material, develop and combine custom thinning and planarization processes, and provide rapid and  economical results. For 300mm users, Axus represents the Fraunhofer Institute to support 300mm process development

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