Founded in 1999, G&P Technology, as the name Grinding & Polishing implies, has dedicated its resources and efforts to providing Universities, R&D Organizations, & MEMS companies with precise and affordable CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) systems and services.

G&P Technology works with CMP laboratories in Asia, Europe and US including many CMP labs in universities and MEM’s R&D fabs. G&P Technologies also offers consulting and evaluation services for consumables manufacturers to improve and develop their products for CMP applications.

G&P Technology also performs government and private research projects, system development for next generation processes and special applications development is provided for the university and R&D community.
More than 100 systems have been installed for research and development in the world.

Recently an integrated system with 12 inch POLI-762 and Cleaner-812L, post CMP cleaning system has been broadly used in R&D and semi-production line.

G&P Technology would like to continue to provide user friendly intelligent systems in the field of CMP.


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