Wafer Thickness & 3D Optical Profiler RT-3500

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Metrology & Handling


Wafer Dimensional Metrology

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NANOMEZ® RT-3500 is a specially designed hybrid metrology system that can automatically measure wafer shape & sub-micro 3D structure and roughness in one measurement system. In particular, it uses multi-sensor technology of Confocal, Capacitance probes and IR transmission sensors to measure wafer thickness, warpage and bow as well as WLI (Interferometer) FOV sensor for nanoscale surface roughness measurement and 3D tomographic measurement. Its powerful combined multi-sensor technology allows users to proceed with one stop measurement for wafer in front-end of wafer packaging.

Those combination with various contact and non-contact metrology tools make it easy for engineers to conduct micro or nano-level of surface analysis and measurement.

Automatic Wafer Thickness & 3D Optical Profiler
WLI (Interferometer) and Non-contact Thickness Measurement

RT3500 System Specification

1 Main Operation Program Function:
Program one-click auto start / Button box (option)
Recipe programming, infinite recipe creation
Measuring points set-up on wafer Image
Automatic measurement with pre-programmed recipe
Wafer ID, Lot#, User name and other category DB
Measured data Display, Saved & Export in CSV
Capable to call saved data in specified folder (File name of LOT NO.)

2 Wafer Size: Small piece, 4″, 6″, 8″, 12″ wafer (custom design available)
3 Wafer Chuck: Steel Vacuum chuck with sensor holes & ESD coating
4 Wafer Handling: Manual loading on motorized XY stage
5 XYZ Stage & work table: 350 x 350 mm Servo linear XY stage / 65mm Z-axis/ Multi-point sensor hole work table
6 Stage Accuracy: ± 10㎛ / 5㎛ / 1㎛ / 0.1㎛
7 Anti Vibration Support: Passive anti-vibration table (Active option)
8 HW System Frame: Steel & Granite frame
9 Operation Program: Windows 7 based KOVIS metrology studio, Nanomez V.3.5
10 PC: Industrial PC, minimum 2.2GHh Intel i7, 32GB Memory, 256GSSD
11 Accessories: 21″ single monitor, keyboard, mouse and holder arm
12 System Size: 860W x 1230D x 1350H mm (System size changeable)
13 Weight: 350Kg or more
14 Electrical: 220 volts single phase at 4.9 KVA (peak), 50/60 Hz
15 Vacuum: 0.5Mpa
16 Exhaust: One 10.16cm (4 in.) diameter port on the floor adjacent to the instrument
17 Environmental: Operating Temp : +18 to +24°C

Metrology 1. Wafer Thickness & Warpage Measurement Module (WT3500)

1 Capability of WT3500: Automatic Wafer Thickness (TTV) measurement
2 Optional Function: Warpage/ Bow measurement /Bump Height I Strip Thickness I Die Height ( Manual / Auto )
Edge Chip and Crack

3 Measurable Materials:

• Bare wafer (Pattern, Si, Ge, GaAs, InP, Sapphire), Glass, Solar cell, FPD □
• Wafer on tape(ring framed) / Bump wafers / Strip, PCB /

4 Metrology Sensors (option):

CCP Capacitance sensor
CLS Confocal sensor
Vision A/F height measurement
CIR Transmittance sensor
CAS High precision micro air touch sensor

5 Measuring Range: 10㎛ ~ 790㎛ thickness (Max. 1,500㎛ including tape thickness)
6 Measurement Resolution: 0.01㎛
7 Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.5㎛
8 Repeatability: ± 0.25㎛
9 TTV (Total Thickness Variation): TTV (Total Thickness Variation)
10 Optional (Bump Height): Bump sizes : 50~500㎛
Measurement method : Manual by vision auto-focus
11 Calibration Method(Baseline): Silicon master piece, Si Certification from authorities
12 Auto-map Point (Thickness): 89 points for 12” and 37 points for 8” wafers
13 Software: RT-3500 main program

Metrology 2. 3D Profilometry Module (WL3500)

1 Capability of WL3500: Nano~Micro 3D profilometry
2 Vertical Resolution: VSI, VEI < 0.5nm, VPI < 0.1nm  3D profiler module
3 Lateral Resolution: 0.05~7.2µm (Depends on magnification)
4 Height Repeatability: ≤0.1% @ 1σ (Standard Height)
5 Objective Lens: 5 Seletable (Automatic)
6 Zoom Lens: 2 Selectable (Automatic)
7 Camera Format: 1/2″ Mono CCD (option: 1/3″ or 2/3″)
8 Scan Method: Piezo @ Capacitive Sensor Closed loop (Linearity error ≤ 0.05%)
9 Scan Range: ≤150µm (option≤300µm@Piezo or 10mm@Motor)
10 Scan Speed: 7.5µm/sec(1x) / 22.5µm/sec(3x)
11 Illumination: White LED
12 Filter: 2 or 3 Filter (Automatic)
13 Z Axis Stroke: 50/ 100mm (Automatic)
14 Tilt Aixs Stroke: ±2°/ 3°/ 6°(Manual)
15 Max Workpiece Load: ≤ 10kg
16 Auto Focus: Optional
17 Stitching: Yes
18 Software: Surface View / Surface Map @ window 10 64bitThere are currently no specification available.

There are currently no videos available.

Thickness & Warpage
• Thickness, TTV
• Bow & Warpage
• Bare Si, Patterned, Framed and Bump wafers
and Bump wafers on tapes
• Edge chip and edge crack (Optional)
• Si, Ge, GaAs, InP, Glass, Solar cell, FPD
• Capable to measure wafer thickness with the
tapes (clear, opaque, milky)
• Ultra Thin Wafer Measurement ability up to 20㎛ wafer or thicker
• Thin film thickness option

Roughness & 3D Topography
• Roughness Measurement by FOV Sensor
• Surface 3D profilometer
• Height Resolution, 0.1nm Max
• The same resolution for different object lenses
• High speed, High accuracy, High resolution surface 3D topography measurement
• Excellent measurement performance for the transparent/ semi-transparent/ milky colored samples
• High accuracy of repeatability, accuracy and reproductivity
• Height, Step height, Depth, Line, Circle, Round, Angle, Width, Distance Measurement
• Roughness of line, FOV, measurement of waveform
• Scratch, abrasion and defects analysis
• Area, volume measurement

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