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150mm Wafer Carrier, PFA

This from chemical-resistant and electrical-insulating PFA molded Wafer Carrier for your wet chemical processing applications holds 25 wafers.


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  • Wafer Carriers (also PEEK)
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  • FOUP Boxes
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  • Crystal Carriers
  • Labware as Tweezers, Handles, Stick Handles

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  • 25 wafer capacity
  • Low-profile
  • Overall size: 144mm x 178mm x 118mm
  • D1 (bottom to first wafer): 14.5mm
  • Pocket spacing: 4.8mm
  • Pocket flat: 1.4mm
  • Handles: A72-60-03, A055
  • Boxes: E124, E160, H3150

PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) key properties:

  • Translucent/milky white (can be colored)
  • Low dielectric constant (insulating)
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • UV resistant (does not age)
  • Not hygroscopic (water absorption <0.03%)
  • Continuous use temperature limit: 180°C
  • Melting temperature: 300°C
  • Specific gravity: 2.15 g/cm^3
  • Chemical resistance: Excellent

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