UltraMOP I&II Clean Room Foam Mop Head

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  • UltraMOP™ and UltraMOP™ II cleanroom foam mop heads are designed for wet mopping procedures in sterile and controlled environments. Constructed of ester-based polyurethane for excellent application of disinfectants.
  • The Bump-PROOF®, patent-pending, fabric over foam versions allow for tear-free cleaning and disinfecting of floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Bump-PROOF® microfiber over foam mop heads enable unsurpassed cleaning efficiency and are especially useful for weekly or monthly cleans and high traffic areas.

FT402 Size: 3″ x 14.75″ (Head Frame) 57″ (Handle)
FS505-CV2 UltraMOP Polyester Cover
FS505-CV6 UltraMOP Heavy Knit Polyester Cover
FS500 Size: 5″(W) x 16″(L)
FS500ST Size: 5″(W) x 16″(L)
FS501 Size: 5″(W) x 16″(L)
FS501ST Size: 5″(W) x 16″(L)
FS505B1 Size: 5″(W) x 16″(L)
FS505B1ST Size: 5″(W) x 16″(L)





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  • Proprietary polyurethane foam compatible with disinfectants used for maintaining sterile environments.
  • Laminated Bump-Proof designs enable tear-free cleaning and disinfecting of areas that have rough or sharp surfaces.
  • Micro-fiber versions are designed to remove and absorb stubborn contamination such as hardened Biofilms and disinfectant residue. Perfect for drying floors.
  • Individually packaged to maintain cleanliness.
  • Fine, uniform pore size and proprietary, patent-pending, lamination techniques ensure excellent laydown and pickup properties.
  • Available with Lot Certification of Conformance for ease of audit and validation procedures.

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