PRISM-400 Benchtop Ultrasonic Spray Coating System

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PRISM BT Benchtop:  Optimized for Semiconductor Packaging Applications
The PRISM BT Benchtop is a programmable X-Y spray coating system, designed for the lab scale and R&D requirements for semiconductor packaging applications.  The Prism BT benchtop leverages USI’s proprietary nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology that is industry proven for a more precise, thinner and more uniform coating application than conventional air atomizing nozzle, ultrasonic nozzle, dip coating or spin coating methods.

  • Proprietary nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology
  • Cost effective, benchtop platform
  • Thin, uniform defect free coating application down to sub micron, coatings include:
    • Photoresists
    • Polyimides
    • Carbon nanotube and nanoparticle solutions
    • SOL-GEL solutions
    • Silver paints for EMI and RF shielding
    • Other proprietary coatings
  • Multiple liquid delivery system options including:
    • Precision Metering Pump liquid delivery system, features:
      • 50 ml capacity disposable syringe (PMP-50)
      • 100 ml capacity glass syringe (PMP-100)
      • Stepper drive positive displacement liquid metering pump
      • Optional integrated fluid stirring to keep suspensions and inks mixed
      • Process data logging
    • Pressurized reservoir (6oz, 20oz or 2-gallon) with liquid solenoid valve for flow control
  • 3 axis (X-Y-Z) of motion
  • 400mm x 400mm maximum coating area
  • Laser pointer for programming
  • Designed to spray flammable solvents
  • Isolated and ventilated spray area
  • Windows based Graphical User Interface

Configurable, flexible platform to suit the requirements of precison coating applications in various markets, including:

  • Semiconductor Packaging
  • Display
  • Fuel Cell
  • Medical
  • Electronics Assembly

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