Genesis-Series (Compact Normal SEM)

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Metrology & Handling


Scanning Electron Microscope

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EMCrafts Genesis Series:

Compact Normal SEM

  • more value in less space, only 1m2 space required
  • available with manual and motorized stage
  • simple and intuitive user interface
  • 200V ~ 30kV
  • Stage System (up to) : X,Y : 90mm, Z : 5 ~ 60mm, T : -20° ~ 90°, R : 360°
  • maximum sample size: horizontal : 96mm, vertical : 50mm
  • 10 ~ 300,000 magnification
  • Automatic Functions To Minimize Repetitive Taskn: Auto Focus, Auto Brightness & Contrast, Auto Gun Alignment, Auto Saturation
  • High Resolution Imaging:  3nm SE Image (SE Detector) / 4nm (BSE Image)
  • Silent turbo-pumped vacuum system (Vacuum ready within 3 minutes)
  • Options: Cooling Stage | 4Channel BSE | EBSD(Electron Back Scattered Diffraction) | EDS(Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) | WDS(Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy) | CL(Cathodoluminescent) Image | Chamber Camera | LaB6 / CeB6 Upgrade | 3D Imaging | Raman Spectroscopy | E-beam Lithography

Within the GENESIS-Series, different stages (manual/motorized, different sizes) as well as different vaccum systems (high/low vacuum) are available.
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As an entirely new advanced imaging tool for bioscience research, SEM had contributed much to advancing the field of life science.
SEM is frequently used in observing not only the structure of living organisms
but also tissue models as well as nano-particle analysis of drugs .

  • Micron-scale insect anatomy
  • Detailed images of surface structures of plants
  • Nano-particle analysis of drug delivery
  • Red blood cell and white blood cell segmentation

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