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Since 1986, ESI  has remanufactured, upgraded and provided parts for Gasonics L3510 Plasma Asher systems. For more information on how to bring new life back into your L3510 please contact us. Visit our sister site for more information.


Test & Qualification

  • Configured to customer specification
  • Demonstrated at ESI prior to ship
  • Full Process 1000 wafers using plasma without error
  • No wafer radiation damage during test

Process and Control Enhancements

  • Software version 7.50
  • New Pentium® SBC CPU Card
  • LCD display and new keypad”
  • Single cassette processing
  • True Downstream Microwave plasma processing
  • Automatic photoemission end-point detection
  • Calibrated Microwave system
  • Calibrated Pressure system
  • Calibrated Temperature Control system

Advanced Process Control System

  • Upgrade your Gasonics L3510 to our advanced ESI e3511 in one day
  • Plug and Play, plugs directly into the L3510 wiring harness
  • IDX Flexware software
  • Embedded PC and I/O System
  • 17” touchscreen

Electrical Improvements

  • New Wiring harness
  • New Heated platen, Platen overtemp protection system available as an upgrade
  • Wafer cooling station with touch wafer sensor, works with glass, GaS etc.
  • Lamp assembly with new reflector and bulb with solid state controller
  • New UV igniter bulb and power supply
  • Advanced DC Power supplies and A/C distribution with all SSR’s
  • New Gerling GL139 1.2kw microwave generator, Mititoyo 3 stub tuner, waveguide and 6 pole mw applicator
  • Latest model I/O PCB and Pressure/EOP PCBs
  • MKS ISO valve, new ATM sensor and new MKS baratron

Mechanical Improvements

  • System Hardware compatible for 75-200mm wafers
  • Advanced Hine Hatm-5 pick and place robot
  • Pneumatics Adjusting block for door and lifter, puts all speed adjustments in one place where they are easy to get at.
  • UV igniter power supply relocated to top of gas box for easy access
  • KalRez® high temp O-rings for better resistance to plasma and UV

Plumbing and Pneumatics

  • New MKS throttle valve
  • Three gas inputs with customer specified MFC’s (typically 4L O2, 2L N2 and 500cc O2)
  • New Gas box, Solenoid valves, air cylinders, Tubing

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