Fully Automatic Wafer Inspection System WL-200S

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Metrology & Handling



Product Description:

WL-200S was developed to respond the demand for more downsized wafer handler for macro & micro inspection and hands-free wafer handling in a concept of “easy of use and the most safest tool in wafer handling“. Its Windows based user-friendly GUI control system and user interface control buttons made it possible to handle ultra thin wafer below 100um as the most stable system control in its embedded board level.

  • Windows based Touch Panel PC inside
  • Easy of Use : User-friendly Windows Interface
  • Easy of Use : Minimum control buttons & joystick
  • Stable ultra-thin wafer handling capability
  • Optimized stability in wafer handling
  • High speed & higher sensitivity of wafer mapping
  • Ergonomics, cognitive engineering design & interface
  • Macro/ Micro (Tilting, back side/center) inspection
  • Footswich function for loading/unloading
  • Optimized error-free XY vacuum chuck stage

WL200S System Specification:
Compatible wafer size
Diameter: 4” to 8”inch (Confirm to both SEMI and JEIDA)
Thickness(standard): 200~750um
Thickness(thin wafer option): <200um

Wafer cassette Fluoroware PA182-60MB, Fluoroware PA192-80M
Number of wafers 25 wafers(6”inch), 25 or 26 wafer(8”inch) / Two cassettes as an option

Operating Program & PC Windows based, WL200S software in built-in touch panel PC
User interface & GUI Minimum operating switch buttons, joystick & all function keys in Windows GUI
Inspection mode
1. Micro inspection
2. Tilt macro inspection
3. Backside center macro inspection
4. Backside periphery macro inspection
Wafer transfer Robotic transfer with vacuum chuck
Pre-alignment Non-contact pre-alignment, photoelectric sensors
Orientation flat/notch detection
By transmitted-type sensors
Wafer angle before and after inspection can be specified in increments of 90˚ degrees
Stage Dedicated stage(rotatable 360˚ with vacuum chuck)
Compatible microscope KOVIS KM Series / Nikon/ Olympus & Others needs to check mounting block
Dimensions(W x D x H) and Weight (Apprx.,)
Main unit: 536 x 626 x 350mm(50kg), Footprint (W x D) : 900 x 620 mm
Vaccum Pressure: -600mmHg(-80kPa) or less,Displacement:10nl/min,or more
Power source
AC 100V/ 120V, 220V/240V ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 3.5A max.
Electrical safety: CE mark compatible
Safety standards
SEMI: S2-0706, S8-0307, F47 compatible
Laser safety: FDA Class 1
• Gooseneck LED lamp for macro inspection
• Camera for microscope
• XY measurement program or/and Z-linear scale & encoder with digital counter
• Standard dimensional calibration film jig
• Barcode reader interface
• Data interface (RS, TCP/IP, SEC/GEM, GEM300)

Frontside Inspection in combination with Microscope:

  • Wafer Incoming Inspection
  • Macro/Micro overall Inspection steps

Backside Inspection:

  • Post Grinding Back Side Inspection (stars, haze)
  • Post CMP Back Side Inspection
  • Pre bonding Inspection

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