DXL 110 Series Surfactant Dispenser

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Dynatex’s DXL Series Surfactant Dispensers are designed to introduce KerfAid Dicing Surfactant into the cutting water for a wafer dicing saw, ensuring even application of surfactant across the dicing surface.

The DXL 110 Series Surfactant Dispenser provides KerfAid Dicing Surfactant to one dicing saw and is synchronized with the saw dicing process. The DXL 110 Series provides a highly effective mixture of water and dicing additive. This ensures even distribution of the dicing additive across the wafer.

The DXL 110 Series is designed to provide a wide range of dilution ratios for a variety of saw dicing environments. The DXL 110 Series Surfactant Dispenser is easy to install and maintain, requiring only power, water-in, and mixture-out connections.


Product Specifications

Pumping Capacity Up to 0.125 Liters per minute
Minimum Water Flow Rate 1 Liter per minute
Power Requirement 115 VAC or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5 Amp
Inlet and Outlet Connections 3/8″ tubing bulkhead fitting
Dimensions 15″ (38 cm) Wide, 33″ (83 cm) High, 15″ (38 cm) Deep
Controls Pump Stroke Rate & Pump Stroke Length

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  • Silicon Wafer Dicing
  • Piezo Transducer Cutting
  • Wafer Thinning
  • Milling

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