Cube II (Tabletop SEM)

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Metrology & Handling


Scanning Electron Microscope

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EMCrafts Genesis Series:

Scanning Electron Microscope with World-Class Performance

  • Cube -Ⅱ (Tabletop SEM)
  • Automatic stage & 4CH BSE as a basic option
  • Light weight & High productivity
  • Integrated EDS System (Option)
  • DIY installation

1. Simple and Intuitive User Interface for Everyone

2. Weight 65kg portable Tabletop SEM
3. 5-Axis Stage System
– X, Y : 42mm(Motorized)
– Z : 5 ~ 53mm(Motorized)
– R : 360° (Beam rotation)
– T : -90 ~ 90° (Manual)
4. Maximum Sample Size
– Horizontal : 140mm, Vertical : 80mm
5. X 10 ~ X 200,000 Magnification

6. Automatic Functions To Minimize Repetitive
– Auto Focus, Auto Brightness & Contrast, Auto Gun Alignment,
Auto Saturation
7. High Resolution Imaging
– 5.0nm (SE Image) / 6.0nm (BSE Image)
8. Rapid analysis by exchanging specimen within 90 sec
– Vacuum ready within 90 sec
– Ventilation ready within 10 sec
9. 4CH BSED as a basic option(Combo, Topo)
10. Various kinds of specimens can be analyzable with optional detectors
– EDS(All-in-one Model of SEM-EDS) *Oxford, Bruker, EDAX, Thermo
compatible Auto RotationAuto TiltChamber Camera

CUBE-Ⅱ specification
Model CUBE-Ⅱ
Stage 5-axis Stage
– X : 42mm (Motorized)Y : 42mm (Motorized) – Z : 5 ~ 53mm (Motorized)
– T : -90° ~ 90° (Manual) – R : 360° (Beam Rotation)
Vacuum Mode High Vacuum Mode (<9×10-3 Pa)
Charge Reduction Mode
Vacuum System Fully Automated Evacuation System
– Turbo molecular pump (Vacuum ready within 90 sec)
– Rotary vane pump
– Electrical valve system
Electron Gun Pre-centered Tungsten Filament
Detector SE Detector4CH BSE Detector
Resolution 5.0nm (SE Image at 30kV)
Magnification x10 ~ x200,000
Acceleration Voltage 1kV ~ 30kV
Image Shift 100μm
Maximum Sample Size Horizontal : 140mmVertical : 80mm
Working Distance 5 ~ 53mm
Sample loading Time 90 sec (Vacuum)10 sec (Vent)
Automatic Function Auto Brightness & ContrastAuto FocusAuto Gun AlignmentAuto Saturation
Auto FilamentBias
Display Mode Focus Mode : 320 x 240 pixel, Resizable
Preview Mode : 800 x 600
Slow Mode : Applicable to both preview and focus mode
Photo Mode : Up to 3200 x 2400
Dimension(mm) W x D x H = 410mm x 440mm x 520mm65kg
Operation Device(PC) Windows 10-based All-in-One 21.5” Workstation100% controlled by keyboard and mouse
Optional Devices EDS (All-in-one Model of SEM-EDS)Auto RotationAuto TiltChamber CameraNavigation
*Oxford, Bruker, EDAX, Thermo compatible
Power Supply Single Phase : 100 ~ 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz, 1kVA

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SEM has become an indispensable solution for natural resource companies to analyze, measure, extract and refine relevant features in rocks, minerals and man-made materials.
Our model of SEM is used in numerous applications, such as in the mining and geoscience industries.

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