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  • CleanWIPE is designed to solve fiber and particulate contamination issues faced by Medical Device Manufacturers.
  • Unlike other “lint free” wipers, CleanWIPE is truly lint free by nature of its polyurethane foam construction.
  • The unique open cell construction results in very large surface area which enables operators to efficiently clean particulate contamination sized up to 750 microns.
  • The combination of large surface area, open cell and a soft, conformable foam make CleanWIPE ideal for cleaning and sanitizing both work surfaces and medical devices.
  • CleanWIPE’s sponge like properties enable operators to fine tune the amount of IPA delivered to a surface in order to clean difficult to remove materials such as epoxies and silicones much more efficiently.
  • CleanWIPE is laundered with a proprietary process in an ISO class 5 clean room for compatibility with class 3 medical device processes.

HT4201: Size: 0.078″ x 6″ x 9″
HT4203: Size: 0.109″ x 6″ x 9″
HT4207: Size: 0.125″ x 8″ x 11″
HT4208: Size: 0.109″ x 8″ x 9″
HT4211: Size: 0.109″ x 9″ x 10″
HT4212: Size: 0.125″ x 9″ x 10″
HT4223: Size: 0.125″ x 2″ x 3″
HT4232: Size: 0.5″ x 2″ x 3″
HT4234: Size: 0.375″ x 3 ” x 4″
HT4236: Size: 0.109″ x 3″ x 5″
HT4266: Size: 0.109″ x 6″ x 6″


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  • Improved Cleaning Productivity. Open-cell, large surface area foam enhances the ability to capture and remove even  large fibers that result in lengthy and expensive inspection and rework procedures for medical device manufacturers.
  • Lint-Free. Open-cell, abrasion resistant polyurethane structure allows for true lint-free wiping.
  • Improve Sanitization. CleanWIPE’s uniform, super fine pore structure and super soft conformable foam evenly applies alcohol to work surfaces and medical devices.
  • Non-cytotoxic. Available certified non-cytotoxic and lot traceable to comply with FDA standard for the Medical Device industry.
  • Chemically compatible. Will not interfere with curing of platinum-cured silicone, adhesives gels and elastomers.
  •  Assured Quality. CleanWIPE foam wipers are produced, washed, and packaged in an integrated ISO class 5 facility that employs a ISO 13485 quality system. All products are LOT tested and traceable to raw materials.

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